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Drinks Dharma Beer

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  1. Becky
    04-09-12 11:01 AM
  2. boonian androphile
    04-04-12 07:04 PM
    boonian androphile
    worse than TiVo? that's pretty worse...
  3. Budman
    04-04-12 05:47 PM
    Bekka remember, you deserve good things, you are entitled to your share of happiness, refuse to beat yourself up, you are an attractive person, and you are fun to be with.

    Introspection doesn't mean hating yourself, however hopefully with some self-examination you may find a way to deal with your personal demons. Feeling sorry for yourself, trying to ignore them, or drowning them with alcohol doesn't work, it only sends you deeper into the abyss.

    That being said, good luck.
  4. soup
    04-01-12 01:52 PM
    could someone change the background to something more evil?
  5. LPU
    04-01-12 01:51 AM
    I'm so fapping to this new pic.
  6. Master Xander
    04-01-12 12:08 AM
    Master Xander
    If your goal was to disrupt the board, then congratulations, you've done it. And frankly, that is all I will EVER give you credit for.

    If your goal was to show how victimized you were, well then you've lost any ounce of sympathy anyone might have had.

    If your goal was to show how much of a "tyrant" TPTP is, guess what... people now know that TPTP gave you lots of chances to prove you were a worth mod. And guess whose side people are on now?

    So basically... if your goal was to get people on your side... YOU'VE FAILED MISERABLY. You have destroyed the very things that have brought people together in the first place. You have destroyed things that people clearly hold dear. And doing that doesn't earn one any respect, or sympathy, or love, or whatever.

    It does, however, earn you this.

    FUCK. YOU.
  7. soup
    03-31-12 10:50 PM
    omg, can you subscribe to a profile?
  8. Ian
    03-31-12 10:28 PM
    @ The profile pic
  9. camelsmoker
    03-31-12 10:14 PM
    Harsh indictment, Satan. I'm not saying it's undeserved, though. Bekka, for what it's worth, I gave you the benefit of the doubt for years, and I'm sorry I was wrong about you. I'm not a particularly vindictive person, but what you did is, in my estimation, unforgivable. Have a nice life, asshole.

    eta: lol. Like the subnic, John.
  10. soup
    03-31-12 09:51 PM
    It burns so cleanly, I thought it would give off a dark smoke....

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    Hiding under a rock
    Being a worthless BITCH.
    I listen to people bitch & whine all damn day & get paid for it. Yay!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!1


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