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Hears the Whispers

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In Between 'Verses

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  1. Thathippiekid
    12-07-16 02:05 AM
  2. Thathippiekid
    12-06-16 01:21 AM
    Hehe I just found this: (Your post is #46)
  3. Thathippiekid
    12-05-16 09:36 PM
    Oh! And see, I thought the "In between 'verses" on your profile was a reference. People in the Firefly/Serenity universe call it "The 'Verse" most of the time haha.
  4. Thathippiekid
    12-05-16 09:34 PM
    Also I'm wanting to get into some kind conservation or animal rehab type of thing. I want to help save animals, preferably working with them directly, but indirectly works too. I just love animals so much and want to help them. And considering the amount of habitat loss and human impact on their world, they're going to need more and more help as time goes on.
  5. Thathippiekid
    12-05-16 09:31 PM
    Ah, well, I'm now living with and in a relationship with the one who played Jack haha. I moved across the country mostly for her. We started dating a couple years ago and finally moved in together in June.

    And yeah Tara was originally the one who set up the board for QutS, but I joined and co-owned/co-ran it before it was open to everyone else. I haven't talked to her in years but my last encounter with her was an unpleasant one, as I had taken a hiatus from the RPG (almost everyone else had drifted away too) and when I came back she had completely wiped the board of all the threads without telling me and was trying to re-populate the RPG. I was really upset at the loss of some of the threads, cause some of them were pretty great.

    Jules and I still RP sometimes, but we haven't found a good community of people since then, really. We ran our own Firefly one for a while, I can't remember if you were a member of that one?
  6. Thathippiekid
    12-05-16 08:55 PM
    Also I'm very sorry you're ill. Is it a chronic thing?
  7. Thathippiekid
    12-05-16 08:41 PM
    I'm doing well! I'm getting older now too (just turned 30, ack.), and I'm in my second year of University (Biology major, Earth Sciences minor for a Bachelor of Science Degree). I moved across the country a few years after QutS died down. Ummm... I have two kitties now that I adore.

    That's pretty much all that's interesting haha.

    Oh cool, I haven't talked to anyone for a really long time... I only have contact with one person now... do you remember Jules, the girl who played Jack?
  8. Thathippiekid
    12-05-16 03:58 PM
    Hi! So how have you been? Are you still in contact with anyone else from QutS?
  9. Frecklestoo
    12-03-16 04:34 AM
    Why don't you look through your friends list, and send some PMs? You know, make yourself useful.
  10. WDGovernor
    06-14-15 02:52 PM
    Yo bro- how does it go?

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