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  1. Jinjur
  2. Hodgepodge
    12-18-14 09:12 PM
    I still think we should loose Sunday's game against the Colts. Although, I'm not sure where that puts us as a Wildcard.
  3. hurleygurley
    04-02-14 04:37 PM
    ******beep beep********

    HG drive by!
  4. Dew
    08-06-13 09:48 PM
    Have a great day. Enjoy every minute of the day. It is called the 'present' for a good reason.
  5. hurleygurley
    08-06-13 01:47 PM
    Happy Birthday Buddy!
  6. Frecklestoo
    06-29-13 02:14 AM
    I miss you. Are you ever coming back?
  7. Hodgepodge
    12-31-12 10:20 PM
    Barely surviving TW. I only watched up to the 2nd INT, then I turn off the T.V. and left the house. Didn't find out what happened until I got back. TPTB (Mrs. Hodgepodge) couldn't wait to tell me.

    Happy New Year to you and yours too.
  8. Hodgepodge
    12-17-12 11:48 PM
    Was that the best game of the year or what? I was really hesitant about the win, but the 'Boys came through.

    You want to know who the Cowboys MVP this year should be? Anthony Spence! This guy has come alive this seaon. That late sack against Rostelberger (spl) was key to the comeback. Add that to the Steelers fumble on the kick-off, and Carr's INT.

    How 'bout them Cowboys!
  9. Hodgepodge
    12-10-12 11:18 PM
    Is it just me, or do we have the worst luck in the NFL? Dez Bryant maybe out for the rest of the season with a finger that may need surgery. Check out the Dallas Cowboys website.
  10. Hodgepodge
    12-10-12 09:38 PM
    TW, I was really proud of out team yesterday. I almost stopped watching when they got down 19-10, in the fourth-quarter, but I stuck it out. And, I'm glad I did. This team showed a lot of heart in the win.

    I'm amazed this type of incident doesn't happen more often in the League. You have young men with massive amounts of money out on the town. Trouble is following them around like toilet-paper on your shoe. How stupid do you have to be to get behind the wheel of a car after you've been drinking?

    My prayers go out to the family's of both Jerry Brown and Josh Brent. Their lives will never be the same.

    I was expecting the Redskins to loose yesterday. I even picked the Ravens in our Pick'ems. That would've put them a half-game behind the 'Boys. But Washington is playing great football. And yeah, RGIII isn't going to last long in the League if he throws his body around like that. Part of me hopes he's okay, the other part wants him on IR.

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