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LostInWilderness 04-29-06 05:55 AM

The NBA doesn't get any respect in Lostaways. I guess it's no wonder with the referees deciding games instead of the players.

lawn_boy 04-30-06 11:49 PM

Re: NBA thread

(Refer to Suns/Lakers Game 3)

LOST Prodigy of Knowledge 04-30-06 11:52 PM

Re: NBA thread
Finally we needed this. Go Lakers!

lacenaire 05-01-06 02:00 AM

Re: NBA thread
Go POW Gasol! Go Grizzlies!

Smirnoff_Ice 05-01-06 02:53 AM

Re: NBA thread
I'm going with the Pistons.

LostInWilderness 05-01-06 03:27 AM

Re: NBA thread
I bet my Spurs take their referee frustration out on the Kings tonight.

LostInWilderness 05-01-06 01:27 PM

Re: NBA thread
Boy, was I wrong.

timbo910 05-01-06 02:27 PM

Re: NBA thread
What a shame that Dallas and San Antonio (if they get past the first round) will play in the second round. That rule has to change. The two best teams in the western conference should play in the western conference finals, not the second round.

But, it doesn't matter because nobody will beat the Pistons :)

LostInWilderness 05-02-06 04:52 AM

Re: NBA thread
The seeding is really stupid. Give pennant for division winners, but seeds should be by overall record.

boonian androphile 05-02-06 05:50 AM

Re: NBA thread
I agree. There is no justice in an early San Antonio-Dallas match up.

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