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andrew333 09-22-05 02:56 PM

In the first scene of the season premiere we saw Desmond hit the execution button. He then went on do numerous chores and things around his place over a long period of time. It wasnt until a while later that he heard the explosion from the hatch door being opened which immediatley grabbed his attention. So around the time that Desmond hit the execution button was when Arzt (not sure of the spelling of his name) died. The execution button is what causes someone to die on the island. This is why Walt says not to push the button and why Locke told Jack not to push it.

JerichoHill 09-22-05 03:05 PM

That can't be right. Because the morning routine couldn't have been more than an hour, and it would be several hours from when Arzt died (remember it was light outside) and the hatch was blown (completely dark).

New, but brings the pain.

raiderfan43 09-22-05 03:09 PM

had the same thought, but as the post above says, not sure of time frame issues..did find it kind of odd that the button says execute and not enter, and why was Locke so quick to say "I wouldnt do that" when Jack was going to push the button? there were no commands on screen to actually execute...the cursor would just drop down to the next line with nothing to 'execute'

LostSushi 09-22-05 03:10 PM

Andrew I do support this theory though your timeline is incorrect. Arntz was killed daytime previous day.

The explosion Desmond experienced was the hatch being blown.

This theory is great, Anytime someone uses the number mad bad mojo happens. I think if you match things up you find that Desmond hitting the "Execution" button matches more so when the Boat was attacked / blown / people possibly killed.

sawyerhasbestlines 09-22-05 03:23 PM

I thought the execute button activated the "security system" or the generator that fuels his living pod.

LostSushi 09-22-05 03:29 PM

Can we determine which came first.

Did Desmond just happen to be entering the numbers as maybe part of his normal morning routine


Did the computer signal Desmond via sound that it was needed for him to enter numbers?

Bender76 09-22-05 03:34 PM

Hi, I'm new here...

Just wondering if anyone else thought that the cursor on the computer screen looked a little odd...

Looked a little sinister... almost like a monster.

>: |

If the timeframe is off for blowing up Arzt, maybe he hit the "execute" button right before the mosnter attacked Locke, Kate, and Jack carrying back the dynamite.

Maybe the computer controls the "security system"?

bigmouth 09-22-05 03:40 PM

I think it's a test to insure he doesn't have the "sickness." Perhaps if he fails, the facility goes into somekind of lockdown.

LostSushi 09-22-05 03:47 PM

Yes what im thinking

G-Man 09-22-05 03:51 PM

i think the execute button is tied in to the island security system somehow as well.

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