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Zaphod of Whiskers 10-16-17 11:10 PM

Hell's Kitchen
anyone else watching..?

Zaphod of Whiskers 12-09-17 11:52 PM

Re: Hell's Kitchen
Elise must GO - boop

FrodoFraggins 12-10-17 01:12 AM

Re: Hell's Kitchen
I kind of lost interest years ago and he cancelled one of my fav shows Kitchen Nightmares :(

Zaphod of Whiskers 12-10-17 01:42 AM

Re: Hell's Kitchen
yep i miss it too, good show

FrodoFraggins 12-10-17 02:12 AM

Re: Hell's Kitchen
I've watched some of his british episodes of kitchen nightmares as well, on youtube.

Zaphod of Whiskers 12-10-17 03:36 AM

Re: Hell's Kitchen
me too. i like the non bleeps :) and he seems a lot more patient with the overseas kitchens as opposed to the US ones. can't blame him, they seem to take it with more reverence.

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