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Ness 06-01-14 06:01 AM

Silicon Valley (HBO)

Is anyone else watching this new comedy from HBO? I absolutely love it. Episode 5 had me laughing so hard I was crying. This is a great show for anyone to watch. If you happen to work with technology at all then it's a must see.

Liz 06-01-14 04:15 PM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
We watch it and really love it. Being in the Bay Area and also being in the tech industry, I can relate to a lot of the humor.

Ness 06-01-14 08:01 PM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
The scene in the kitchen with the "management meeting" and the argument about cubicles nearly killed me. I relate to Jared so much. Trying to explain to people the ways in which we are trying to make their working lives better and getting a rasberry blown at you in response. :rotfl:

And Erlich is such a great character too. When the series first started I found myself wondering what he contributes to the group because he's so obnoxious. But when he went up to that kid and just started slapping him I was like awwww Richard really does need him.

KevinNU7 06-02-14 01:26 PM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
I'm 4 episodes in and I love it. As a business man who'd like to be an entrepreneur but can't see himself ever taking the risk (single income family of 4) it's very fun to watch.


Ness 06-02-14 07:57 PM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
Last nights episode had me in tears as usual! When they started going into those D2F calculations I was dying.... I think I might watch it again tonight.... :rotfl:

I just heard that the actor who plays Peter Gregory died in December which is why we haven't seen him in the last few episodes. This makes me very sad to hear. I really enjoyed the scenes involving him. He was a great part of the cast and I'm not sure how they are going to fill the hole left by his absence.

Hodgepodge 06-02-14 08:48 PM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
Ness, I've been intending to make a thread for this hilarious comedy, but I keep forgetting. I've missed the last couple of episodes, but that doesn't keep me from recommending it to everyone, and especially those in the Industry. You see yourself, and a few of your closest friends. :rofl1:

ETA: I heard about Christopher Evan Welch's death too. Curious what their going to do next season? Although, because this first season only contains 8 episodes, they should be able to come up with a way to eliminate the character without to many problems.

Hodgepodge 06-13-14 01:59 AM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
Silicon Valley, was nominated for 3 Critics Choice Awards.

Ness 06-13-14 02:24 AM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
*squee* I don't know whether to root for OITNB or Silicon Valley for the best comedy award.

Definitely rooting for Christopher Evan Welch to get the posthumous award though.

Hodgepodge 06-17-14 02:29 AM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)

Originally Posted by Ness (Post 3537714)
...Definitely rooting for Christopher Evan Welch to get the posthumous award though.

Ness, it would be nice if he won. :cry:

gudao 06-17-14 02:56 AM

Re: Silicon Valley (HBO)
I love it. :nanabobo:

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