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Brian 08-04-06 04:33 AM

Michael Emerson in the media
This is the thread to post all tv appearances, articles, interviews, etc. regarding Michael Emerson.

vonnegut 08-21-06 04:04 PM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
Nothing in here at all! For shame! :no-no:

To start off with, Snakey brought this our attention:

Radio interview, a bit old but still very interesting.

vonnegut 08-21-06 04:05 PM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
This is a local TV interview right before the finale.

So, no huge news, but cool to see him anyway.

juanbong 10-04-06 02:33 PM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
Article in CNN today. Enjoy!

The return of the mysterious 'Lost'

HONOLULU, Hawaii (AP) -- Henry Gale wasn't supposed to survive this long.

The cunning, bug-eyed character on ABC's castaway drama "Lost," played by Michael Emerson, was hired for three episodes midway through Season 2. But once producers saw Emerson in action, he was made into a key character and is now leading The Others in the highly anticipated third season.

"The reason The Others seem so frightening is like everything in the real world -- it's frightening when it's unknown," Emerson told The Associated Press. "Their agenda is unknown to us; therefore we fill it up with terrible imaginings." (What questions are out there for the third season? Here are a few.)

The former Broadway actor is best known to TV audiences for his Emmy-winning performance as a serial killer in "The Practice." Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of "Lost" (season premiere Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST), said the original plan was to have Henry escape after the three episodes. But Season 2 ended with Henry and his armed cadre on a dock, holding plane crash survivors Jack, Kate and Sawyer captive.

"Who are you people?" asked Michael, who had betrayed his fellow castaways in exchange for his son.

"We're the good guys," Henry replies.

"I think he means it," Emerson said of his character (actors are typically kept in the dark about future plot developments). "We may not agree with him, but I think he believes it."

Season 3 opens with Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lily) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) in captivity. This season will explore why they were targeted; whether Sun's baby is really Jin's; Charlie trying to gain Claire's trust, a new woman catching Jack's attention; Locke and Sayid leading a group to rescue the three captives; and Desmond's wealthy lover trying to locate the island.

"In Season 3, the show moves geographically and spiritually to another place," Emerson said. "We will be with The Others more. They will become more three-dimensional."

He said viewers may even come to sympathize with The Others, who were on island long before the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

"Who's really the intruder? Who's the bad guys? Who's upsetting who? Who has the right to be there?" Emerson said.

Despite most of his scenes occurring in a small cell, Henry Gale has become one of the most compelling figures on "Lost." With a piercing stare, he transitions from victim to villain, keeping viewers guessing whether they should be sympathetic or scared.

And while Locke was pushing buttons to save the world, Henry was busy pushing Locke's buttons. Could Henry be a psychologist, or just well read?

"He seems to have a strong background in psychology, I would say," Emerson said. "He's beyond well read. He's really well read. That psychology stuff? That sounds good to me. He's not playing around when it comes to behavior."

Like his character, Emerson is articulate and intelligent. Unlike Henry, Emerson is personable and warm.

While honing his skills on stage, he held several odd jobs as a landscaper, teacher, carpenter and illustrator while honing his skills on stage.

"You know those Social Security statements that tell you what you made every year? I look back on that and think, 'This is insanely little money,' " Emerson said. "But I don't remember feeling very desperate about it. ... Despite my poverty, I was always sort of doing what I wanted to do."

'Is it just fun or is it a clue?'
Emerson, 52, grew up in the small farming town of Toledo, Iowa, where he spent a lot of his unstructured childhood reading, drawing and day dreaming. He majored in theater at Drake University and quickly became known as the small guy with a big voice.

He then moved to New York City.

"I thought Des Moines (Iowa) was this crazy big town. New York just knocked the wind out of me," he said. "I was looking for a big challenge and I found it."

He moved to the South and eventually met his future wife, actress Carrie Preston, during a production of "Hamlet" at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. He followed her to New York and got his first major break as the lead in Moises Kaufman's "Gross Indecency."

The name "Henry Gale" is as puzzling as Emerson's character.

It's not even the character's real name. He at first presents himself as a rich businessman who crash landed on the island on a hot air balloon with his wife, who allegedly died.

Henry Gale was Dorothy Gale's uncle in the film "The Wizard of Oz." In the 1938 classic, a hot air balloon was the mode of transportation for the Wizard and supposed to return Dorothy home to Kansas.

"What does all that mean? Is it just fun or is it a clue?" Emerson asked. "Dorothy is sort of shipwrecked in a strange place far from home, but hers was a fantasy. It wasn't real.

"It was a place where the moral order was sort of turned upside down or seen from a different perspective. On some level, it was a test of her as a person."

The real Henry Gale on "Lost" is a dead black man who is buried near the damaged hot air balloon.

That leaves even Emerson perplexed about who his character is.

"I'm not sure how that's going to work out," he said. "It seems everybody kind of knows him as Henry now, but sooner or later, we're going to have to put a real name on him, aren't we?"

Susan B Anthony 11-05-06 02:52 PM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
Can anyone provide a link to Michael's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel on Nov. 3?

moonshadow707 11-06-06 01:17 AM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
by: Jamie Steinberg
Q) What are the current projects that you are working on?

A) I only have "Lost" on my plate right now. It films in Hawaii so it doesn't really allow me to juggle any other projects.
Q) Please tell us about your character Henry Gale/Ben on "Lost."
A) I think he's a sort of weather vein of good and evil in the show. I think people are challenged to decide whether he is a good man or not. It's a little tricky and it's a little mysterious. Although he seems to be the instigator of some sort of rough or troubling event, he also just seems to be a man with a secret agenda. Maybe he is, as he said to Michael during the last season finale, "one of the good guys."
Q) What made you want to be a part of the show?
A) The job sort of came to me. When a good part on a big TV show comes to you, you don't sit down and question it too much. You just say yes and do it. As you may know, it wasn't supposed to be such a big part. I was originally engaged to do about three episodes, but then they liked the character, I liked the character and everything seemed to work pretty well together. Here I still am.
Q) What was the breakdown they originally gave you for your character?
A) They didn't give me any breakdown. I didn't see a script until I got here. I just sort of assumed that the best way to play a character, who plays a villain or not, is to be in neutral or in the middle ground on the scale of ethics (good and bad). It turns out, that sort of ambiguity and the playing of it, is the way to keep it going. It creates mystery and I think that's very important to a show like this.
Q) What is new or different about this season of "Lost?"
A) I think this season, the audience's sympathies are going to be challenged a bit more than they have in the past. I think that the audience is going to live with "The Others" more. They are going to get to know "The Others" better and I think they are going to start to wonder if they are as bad as they were made out to be earlier on.
Q) What is it about "The Others" that intrigues viewers?
A) I think it's their mystery. It is that and their potency. The things they do, they are very good at. They are very smart!
Q) What is the most challenging aspect of your role?
A) I think it is challenging to maintain the character's ambiguity. I like the intensity of the scene work that they give me to do. I like the way that my big dark scenes involve a lot of guessing, a lot of subtext and a lot of figuring out the things that are not being said. It's rich that way. It has a lot of layers, like the best kind of plays that you might do on the stage. It makes this a very attractive role to play.
Q) How do you feel about working on an Emmy winning show?
A) It feels alright! The exoticism, the locale, the distance from home and all of that makes it a little more memorable. It's also more of an adjustment, too, to be so far from friends and loved ones.
Q) What about the show continues to draw in viewers?
A) On some level, there is action and adventure. There is also mystery about the show and it's also a puzzle. It's also science fiction and it's also metaphysical, I think. There are questions in it about perception, belief and about right and wrong.
Q) Does the cast have a lot of chemistry off set as well as they seem to on set?
A) The cast is all really nice people. Half of them I really don't know. I only have had scenes with, I guess, about half of the cast. Everyone is a sort of nice and agreeable person.
Q) What do you do in your spare time?
A) I get to play around in Hawaii. I am not a big one for water sports because I worry about sharks and things, but I do like to go up into the mountains here in the rain forest. There are beautiful places to hike and there are dense forests up in the mountains with waterfalls, strange birds and beautiful rainbows. It's very nice!
Q) What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?
A) I would like to say, don't be too sure that you know who Henry/Ben is. He may surprise you, yet.

Susan B Anthony 11-12-06 11:51 PM

Michael Emerson on Jimmy Kimmel
Michael's segment on Jimmy Kimmel is now available on Youtube. I will try to post the link here. If it doesn't work, just go to and put "michael emerson" in the search and it should come up.

vonnegut 11-13-06 05:52 PM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
THANK YOU SUZE! :worshippy

You made my morning!

It's so odd seeing him act... like an actual person. :rotfl:

Warthawg1 11-15-06 05:36 PM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
M.E. was one of the commentators on a program about the top 30 freaky/scary movies ever which appeared on Bravo last night. Might have been a repeat, as I don't watch Bravo often. I think he was there because he was in the movie SAW (This I did not know....doesn't matter though as I have a hard time watching those sorts of films)

He's creepy in real life. I loved it.

Susan B Anthony 12-04-06 01:10 PM

Re: Michael Emerson in the media
This is a great interview. Be warned it contains possibly spoilerish information. I love his comments about his hair.

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