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truffula 07-08-07 05:36 PM

Do you like PHISH? I sure do. :D

I've been to 103 shows. Did the full summer tour in 95 (22 shows in 27 days from Idaho to Vermont), and have done every NYE run (except for Miami) since 94 to name a few. I have had so many great times seeing Phish shows, met lots of awesome folks, and heard some of the most intense music I've ever heard! :)

Lets see here....I guess this thread is for tellin phish stories, recalling favorite shows, songs, venues, etc.

My favorite show was Clifford Ball second night, second set. It was the most amazing set of music I have ever seen them perform. It was perfect from start to finish.

I was lucky to be at both shows where the HOT DOG made an appearance too - I was right below it at Boston Garden NYE 94 (I actually thought it was gonna drop into the crowd right where we were! :p), and again at the Millenium show in Big Cypress, I was 5 feet from it when it went by - I hit a big balloon to Page and he hit it back to me!! :D

I've met them all but Trey. Of course, the one I wanna meet the most.
Page, we met in Boise after the first show in 95. The busses were parked in the lots with the rest of the cars, and he was just chillin and talkin to folks.
Mike, we met as he was riding his bike around the parking lot in Raleigh. He was also very cool and stopped to talk to us for a while. :)
Fish, well, he was kinda eating lunch with Dave Grippo at the House of Blues in Boston when I met him, so that was a brief encounter. ;)

I miss them a lot now. I really hope Trey gets the help he needs and they get back together eventually. *crosses fingers*

So lets hear some stories, phellow phishheads! :D

Rocky Raccoon 07-08-07 05:39 PM

Re: PHISH!!!

'Stoon 07-08-07 08:11 PM

Re: PHISH!!!
fish? haha jk

phish is good...ive seen them live once and it was a pretty good show...

vonnegut 07-08-07 08:23 PM

Re: PHISH!!!
I am kind of fond of Phish, although I wasn't one of those who hopped on the Phish-wagon after Jerry died. I have most of their CDs around here somewhere and probably 50-60 hours of live on tape and CD (mostly just what my Dad has given me).

I went to three shows and each time, didn't make it out of the parking lot-- it always seemed to be that kind of scene, though. When I got out of that kind of thing, I lost interest in going to Phish shows (around the time that I got really into Keller Williams). I'll still listen to them every once in a while.

Fluffhead was a man... with a horrible disease...

'Stoon 07-08-07 08:32 PM

Re: PHISH!!!
*waits for the keller williams thread*

vonnegut 07-08-07 09:15 PM

Re: PHISH!!!
:rotfl: I just made it, before I saw your comment. :rotfl:

MrSocko 07-09-07 06:30 AM

Re: PHISH!!!

truff, we should be friends.

MrSocko 07-11-07 10:59 PM

Re: PHISH!!!
I'm bored. And this list was hard.

Top 5 Phish Songs:
  1. Reba
  2. The Divided Sky
  3. Fluffhead
  4. Harry Hood
  5. Slave to the Traffic Light

Major Phish Studio Albums Ranked From Best to Worst:
  1. Rift
  2. Billy Breathes
  3. Story of the Ghost
  4. Junta
  5. Lawn Boy
  6. Farmhouse
  7. A Picture of Nectar
  8. Undermind
  9. Hoist
  10. Round Room

More stupid lists to come.

truffula 07-13-07 03:42 AM

Re: PHISH!!!
New Trey song on his myspace - - "Streets of San Fransisco" from his upcoming release (July 24) "The Horseshoe Curve". :D

ETA - well, its not really a "new" song...I actually saw him play it at the first solo show I saw of Trey's at Roseland in um....02 maybe?....I totally was the first night he was on Letterman with the solo act.....oh, and Page sat in for it too, that's why I remember it so well. ;)

MrSocko 07-13-07 03:04 PM

Re: PHISH!!!
I gotta say, I'm very happy trey decided to go with an instrumental album here. "Bar 17" was a huge disappointment for me, and the second half of "Shine" seemed like just a waste. But the songs on his MySpace right now are solid as hell, and I don't think theres been a single Trey instrumental piece that I haven't enjoyed (even Faht ;))

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