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they see ALL 07-10-07 09:16 PM

Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...



One rumor that has crept from some dark corner of the Internet is that the Lost gang will be premiering the first episode of the long awaited Mobisodes. The Lost Mobisodes will apparently feature primary cast members captured in candid moments, with fragments of a revealing underlying bit of mythology mixed in.

The Lost season four panel will take place on July 26, at 5:00pm est.
let's have one thread for all the possible spoilers that may be revealed to us during this year's comic-con...


Brian 07-11-07 01:39 AM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...
I hadn't heard about this. The first mobisode being premiered, that is. (I knew about the LOST panel at ComicCon.)

Thanks for the thread they see ALL! We'll try and keep the spoiler-based ComicCon news in this thread.

they see ALL 07-12-07 10:10 PM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...



The preview of the Season Three DVD set will focus mostly on the extras, naturally. So we will finally know why it is dubbed “The Unexplored Edition.” According to the Comic-Con official schedule, some chunks from the DVD sets extras may be shown to the attending audience.

Talk of season four is where fans will really glow. Typically, the Lost crew has been pretty revealing when it comes to talking about the forthcoming season. Expect lots of vague info and perhaps some questions as to how the chronological aspects of the season are going to play.

Of course, the crowning moment comes at the end of the panel when the Lost crew takes questions from the audience. This can often be an unpredictable time given Lost fans’ outspoken natures.


Brian 07-13-07 12:32 AM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...
LOST fans outspoken? I don't think I've ever met one. ;)

9mile monster 07-13-07 10:06 PM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...

One rumor that has crept from some dark corner of the Internet is that the Lost gang will be premiering the first episode
When I first read this, in my summerfied, laid back mind, I thought that it meant that the Lost gang on the internet, us, were going to be in that first mobisode. The mobi was going to be about all this internet chatter. They were going to get us out of our dark corner recess in cyberland and use us for the episode. I knew that I didn't stand a chance of being on it, but I figured it would be the mods and other high profilers here. So much for dat.
I'd really like to have a teeny little spoiler to help me out this summer.

they see ALL 07-14-07 04:00 PM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...


We hope to provide live Blogging and photos from this year's event so that everyone can stay in touch with the latest information in one place. I've already got one kind person who will be helping out with the Live blogging but we are always looking for more as people may have different seats/viewpoints etc.

If you are going to Comic-Con and you have a mobile phone capable of sending emails then please email me at where I can give you some more information about how to send your info/photos etc to us.

Update: We now have a 6 person team attending Comic-Con who will provide live updates. We're still looking for more, so if you are available please email me. A big thanks to the 6 who will hopefully make Comic-Con an event we can all share.

snakey 07-14-07 05:14 PM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...
I wonder if Jaime (Rachel)will pop up with the actor who played Alvar? Fans would like that I think especially after last years comicon appearance by Jaime.

flub 07-15-07 03:17 PM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...

Originally Posted by they see ALL (Post 1662721)

excellent news.

Brian 07-15-07 05:07 PM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...
Copying a post from GDA:

LOST's Radio Silence to Resume Following Comic Con?

That idea you had about the flood gates opening after Lost's much anticipated Comic Con appearance? Nah, sorry. Word on the street is that once Comic Con is over, Lindelof and Cuse will again be closing the shutters on Lost Labs. How tightly shut will the info valve be? Will 'trusted' outlets like Kristin, Jeff Jensen, and Ausiello be given the occasional tidbit? Nobody knows, but trust this: the radio silence will resume once the boys have had their say at Comic Con, so listen close and savor every moment; it might be a while before you hear Carlton's gravely tenor and Lindelof's ever present snarkisms again.

Will the radio silence extend to the crew? I guess the question is, how couldn't it? I know prior to Comic Con one of my buds in the Lost world will be touching bases with Dom and Evie, but beyond that time will tell if there is much at all in the way of ramblings from the cast with regards to the show.

I'm throwing my own speculation into the situation here, but this move could be related to the spoiler leaks of season three. Or, it could be that with the new production schedule the team is more focused on getting the job done and will time media appearances to rhyme with the inevitable hype that precede season four.

lostboy 07-15-07 07:30 PM

Re: Lost's Comic-Con Panel Thread...
They will never stop leaks.

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