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Re: International Women's Day 2016/2017

Another day in that Utopia where "woman have it so good."

A couple of months ago, Oklahoma State Representative Justin Humphrey kindly explained that women who become pregnant are merely hosts, stupidly deluded into thinking that it is their own body going through the pregnancy. Therefore, and whether that pregnancy is simply unplanned, not wanted, or the result of rape, those women 'invited it in' and should therefore be required to obtain the father's permission in order to obtain an abortion.

Not to be outdone, Arkansas passed a law that allows the father or the pregnant woman's parents to sue abortion providers, and to obtain an injunction--without exceptions for spousal abuse, rape or incest.

Because, as we all know, women are not actually human beings. We exist at the pleasure of men, and our only purpose is to be sexual objects and produce offspring.

Offspring for which we'll be later on fully responsible, emotionally, physically, and financially, while the father in question publicly declares that his money is his alone, and avoids paying child support for decades--a la, say, former Illinois Representative "deadbeat father" Joe Walsh.

And of course, fathers should have rights over the product of their sperm, right? How that sperm made it into a woman's uterus and became a fetus--such as violent rape, sexual abuse, etc--should have no bearing on men's sacred rights to their DNA. Which is why 17 states in this glorious nation have laws that give rapist parental rights, so not only mothers often forced to carry an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy to term; after that, they are forced, by law, to allow their rapist into their lives, and to make joint decisions on the lives of those children, until those children become adults.

What's 18 years of intimidation and trauma and fear for those mothers matter? We are talking the rights of men, after all.

Which is why is not surprising in the least that this April, during that ironically declared 'sexual violence awareness month,' an all-male committee in Maryland just didn't have the time to pass a bill that would eliminate the parental rights of rapists. For the NINTH time.

But hey, life is not already hard enough for women!

So this administration just eliminated the Let's Girl Learn initiative--after all, the wimmenz don't need to be learned in bed or the kitchen, right?

Not happy with that, the House just passed a lovely no-Health Care bill that, among other things, makes rape, pregnancy, c-sections, post-partum depression, and other things only women experience, pre-existing conditions. At the same time, that bill makes it possible for insurance companies to deny coverage due to---yes, you guessed it--pre-existing conditions.

So not only are year and lifetime caps back on the table, the protections that stopped health companies charging women more than men, simply for having the audacity of being born women, have been eliminated.

You know what's not a pre-existing condition in that lovely 'health' bill, though?

Erectile dysfunction.

Welcome to this world where "women have it so good."
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