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Re: International Women's Day 2016/2017

Now for some levity.
Male writer for Slate tweets, "Advice to parents: teach your daughters to say "no" firmly and mean it. Men sense women's willingness to yield."

Women on twitter: Do you even know how many women are killed by men they said "NO" (firmly and clearly) every year?

Male writer: 'Actually' I wasn't talking about sexual assault, I meant like Maxine Waters exchange with Steven Mnuchin.

Women: Oh, you mean when she had to repeat 39 times "Reclaiming my time" as he spoke over her; then when she had to ask the MAN with the gavel to explain the rules to Mnuchin after she had just explained them to him, and STILL he didn't actually answer the question?

Male writer: These women and their "twitter outrage!"
And this, for those in the back, is why parents need to teach their SONS, that they need to listen to what women are saying, not what they want women to say.

This is why parents need to counteract current society's message that talking over women, ignoring women, objectifying women, never listening to what women are actually saying, putting their own wants and likes over those of all women, is normal.

This is why parents need to explain to their sons that women are not responsible for boys', male teens', or men's actions against women.

This is why parents need to make clear that, "she made me do it" is never a reason nor a justification to violate the rights of women.
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