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Re: International Women's Day 2016/2017

"Why do you keep hating on misogynist white cis men? #notallmen, you know?"

If fewer white cis men were passing so many laws that directly attack women, and if the majority of people proposing and supporting such laws were *not* misogynist white cis men, I probably would stop.

But here we are: Texas just passed a law that requires women to have extra insurance to cover abortion--a LEGAL right, per the Supreme Court of the country--with NO exceptions for rape, incest (!!!!) or fetus deformities.

#notallmen, only enough of them.


Oh, and here's a suggestion: if you are not one of those men? My rants and diatribes are not directed at you, and you don't need to let me know that #notallmen.

Also, you could speak up and against misogynists and their laws yourself.
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