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Re: International Women's Day 2016/2017

Another day. Another attack on people with uteri's very lives.

The current joke of an administration has just announced they are throwing their weight behind a proposal to make it a FEDERAL CRIME to have an abortion at 20 weeks. For those who don't know, right now, already? the only abortions occurring at 20 weeks or later, are because the fetus is DEAD inside the uterus, or there are such major, life threatening abnormalities in the fetus' development (hydrocephalia, for example), that it would not survive birth. Once more, for the people in the back: abortions at 20 weeks or later, in the USoA, only happen for medical reasons.

But the rump in the White House has just announced that he'll support a FEDERAL LAW TO CRIMINALIZE...medically indicated abortions.



Except, lets also work really hard at taking away prenatal care, NICU care, birth control, regular pap smears and other preventative care, from biologically female bodies. No more essential health benefits for you, women and trans men, because the white cis men making decisions over your health don't need no mammograms, or any of that 'female' nonsense.

They absolutely require their boner pills, and those will be paid for. One guess why.

Sexism? Not here, that's crazy talk. /s

Personal note: I realized that my original wording erased the experience of trans men; I was thoughtless and this knee jerking is hurtful and harmful. I apologize.
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