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Re: QH/Homoplasmates & QUANTUM NUMBERS(100%sure)

This theory has always been mainly about GNOSTISM. the awoken man...


I feel a lot of LOST can be explained using the awakening/ perception/ duality theme.

Spoiler: ...

The beginning.

the island was formed from underwater geothermal volcanic activity,

which may have been started by a Helium 3 based meteorite collision... from back in the dino ages...

These underwater volcanic vents are located along the international date line and the equator

THE NUMBERS are the co-ordinates of our island.
which is nearly the same postion as the IDL & equator intersection. ^^^^^

the island is mostly composed of a metal that is extremely high in magnetic fields…
the elements found there may have unique properties based on how the lava cooled in this area..

(hinted at in the dharma video screen shots which show the alignment of poles in a magnet)

These fields have been created over time using a different "true north" world field.

Due to where the vents erupted along the IDL and Equator, and more importantly, how the lava cooled...
The island has its own magnetic flux.
It's own magnetosphere is out of sync with ours.
and this one spot on the earth is CREATING OUR WORLDS "BERMUDA" TRIANGLE EFFECTS AND the Vile vortices...



it is the main hub so to speak. the centre of the planetary grids "web".

Magnus Hanso/Degroot? owned it.. and crashed into the island, most likely popping into island space due to a portal it went through.

are ROSE AND BERNARD... Time may have been reset.. reversed. hence seeing their bodies in the cave.
They may be the last couple left on the island in the end.
Bernard did tell Rose "If you cant leave, then WE will never leave, rose"


Over the years a lot of mining ships, planes and ocean going vessels have mysteriously disappeared.
One such location is the Bermuda Triangle. Many have explored the mysteries.
My speculation here is that Hanso put a little more effort and money into the researching of this phenom.
He eventually launched a satelitte (which may pass once every 108 minutes)

His foundation zero'd in on co-ordinates 4.815 162.342, and began to unravel the mystery of its odd magnetic qualities.

Hanso bought the rights and began to send ships and building supplies to the newly aquired landmass.
He formed Dharma in the 70’s to enlist scientists in the fields he thought would be useful for his plans.

This is when Hanso truly set up shop.
Using the islands odd magnetic qualities and underwater thermal vents,
they created Geothermal powered ElectroMagnetic Fields
to stabilize power for an EMF capable of containing a large amount of energy.
Hanso knew what he wanted to do with this place.
it must have cost him plenty.

This system has a central electromagnetic turbine perhaps a TOKAMOK. (OR THE ISLAND ACTS AS ONE)
it taps into the islands dark territory*, which is an oddly arranged mix of electrons and crystals.
This creates an even more powerful EMF.... and gives some cool properties to the island....

this was needed for the upcoming "security system" to be able to levitate and also for use with other quantum reasons*
such as PLASMA/ quasiparticle movement...

a potential well is built up in the ground, suddenly releasing the electrons which have formed to create the tree.



When I use the term Apollo" it is only to give an idea of what Hanso is trying to do to humanity.
We may never see or hear of Aliens or Apollo.
I think its all just to plant the idea in our heads.
Tptb have given us hints to look to the stars many times.

First, know the hatches have been theorized to all be named after the constellations linked to Apollo in some nearly direct way.
Most of them had been cast into being constellations by Apollo in greek myth.

THE ARROW - Apollo was good with a bow
CADUCEUS - Apollo is known as a healer
Apollo exchanged a caduceus for a syrinx from Hermes.



My theory is based on the Quantum Awakening of Apollo.
I feel it is the reason he is hinted toward.
Google quantum awakening if you are more curious.
it is a moment of complete understanding of the wave structure of matter, WSM.

it is the next step in human evolution, sped up by Hanso in his quest to dominate and perfect society.
This relates to his uptopian social ideas mentioned in the DI video. it also links to the paranormal experiments.

This test man was the first to be ascended


How we found the Arcturus link..

A while ago our lost-tv Neil" found this connection with the numbers and the connect four grid..

I thought I had found the dipper we all saw in Ursa Major...
BUT, notice how M108 IS connected. this may have been a clue to look toward ARCTURUS.

M108 is found in Ursa Major. The Great Bear.

posted by thillislost

I just posted this elsewhere and was told i should post it here. im new.

I typed in 108 which led to kinda weird site called spirit of yggdrasil.which tells alot of things about 108 some very interesting particularly about arcturus, guardian of the great bear or polar bear, a otherwise known as the big dipper. (i have heard that astronomy is supposed to be quite significant to lost) i then went to other websites to read about arcturus and i just tells of where it is and its relation to the great polar bear. so that was that. but if you type in arcturian you get a whole different spin on it..

and then posted by lacenair...

Arktos - ursus - oso = bear

It would appear that the star Arcturus is the sword of lance in Orion's constellation.

And into the esoterical...

Edgar Cayce, in his channelings, said that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy.
It exists in fifth-dimension and is the prototype for Earth's future.
Its energies work as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healers for humainty.
It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and re-birth. (HENCE THE PURGATORY FEELING of lost)
It functions as a gateway station for non-physical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality.
Arcturus is that through which individuals pass, when the individual must chose as to whether it is to return to the Earth-sun system, or to pass on to others. This as both a step in soul evolution.

Very related to this "Quantum Awakening" theory is Transhumanism.
Hanso most likely was one.

Transhumanism (sometimes abbreviated >H or H+) is an intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of new sciences and technologies to increase human physical and cognitiveabilities and improve the human condition in unprecedented ways.
Transhumanism also refers to the academicstudy of the possibilities and consequences of developing and using human enhancement techniques and other emerging technologies.

from my first Apollo thread
posted by Bigmouth in relation to an Island Mav quote
Originally Posted by island_maverick
In a previous thread of yung's I raised a quote from Einstein.

This is a really thought-provoking quote, Einstein was not any old mad scientist, btw.

"A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty... We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive."

This can be interpreted in many ways, of course.

I'd like to think Hanso saw it as a green light to elevate the man outside the physical embodiment of himself - to become at one with his environment, like a spirit, able to communicate and control his total surroundings. It would be a powerful, if unimaginable existence.


Island Mav: Just brilliant...really captures a lot of transhumanist and gnostic themes I think are driving the show. So much of Hanso's work seems to be about transcending our material limitations. The analogy I keep returning to is Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. Reduced by a freak accident to a state of electromagnetic consciousness, he develops the god-like power to manipulate matter at the subatomic level.
^^ This led to this discussion in the same thread....
I post it because these two have been huge supportors of almost every thing I threw at them and there are several points made
in support of this theory.

so Hanso was probaly also Gnostic.
Just look who else is...

Redemption song...(SUNG BY SAWYER ON THE RAFT)
Bob Marley was gnostic. (rastafarian ideals are very "Gnostic")

as was C.G. JUNG
MR 23 himself !


I was compiling things tonight and I went back to this link, the Apollo one. Apparently, it was Philip K Dicks work
<A href="" target=_blank>

CHECK OUT # 23 from the link..

#23 The plasmate can crossbond with a human, creating what I call a homoplasmate. This annexes the mortal human permanently to the plasmate. We know this as the "birth from above" or "birth from the Spirit." It was initiated by Christ, but the Empire destroyed all the homoplasmates before they could replicate.

or it is part of the Hanso created..
Apollo + plasmate=


notice this Homoplasmate is a healer, he carries the Caduceus symbol
(Just like the new hatch, a sure sign things are the going way of Apollo)


What is "Homoplasmate?"

Homoplasmate: The hypothetical symbiosis of the human mind and living information, in a person with gnosis.

In mainstream gnostic terms, a homoplasmate is a person with gnosis (knowing, insight), or a pneumatic.
Philip K. Dick argued that the enlightenment of the human mind was facilitated by the creative union of the mind with information. This combination is a rebirth of the individual and the theoretical symbiosis of information with the human brain. Dick believed that the rebirth described in the Gospel of John was this very act of crossbonding. The Gnostics understand this as the transition from psychic to pneumatic mentality, and the Orthodox understand it as the entry of the Holy Spirit into the human soul.

smokie is really the YIN side of the Hybrid".
as a science, it is the ANTI side to him.
it is his dark-matter/ black body radiation coupled to electrons / plasma contained a field*

Exegesis from the novel VALIS by Philip K. Dick 1981

The One was and was-not, combined, and desired to separate the was-not from the was.
So it generated a diploid sac which contained, like an eggshell, a pair of twins, each an androgyny, spinning in opposite directions (the Yin and Yang of Taoism, with the One as the Tao).
The plan of the One was that both twins would emerge into being (was-ness) simultaneously; however, motivated by a desire to be (which the One implanted in both twins), the counter-clockwise twin broke through the sac and separated prematurely; i.e. before full term. This was the dark or Yin twin. Therefore it was defective.

Each twin formed a unitary entelechy, a single living organism made of psyche and soma, still rotating in opposite directions to each other. The full term twin, called Form I by Parmenides, advanced correctly through its growth stages, but the prematurely born twin, called Form II, languished.

The psyche of hyperuniverse I sent a micro-form of itself into hyperuniverse II to attempt to heal it. The micro-form was apparent in our hologramatic universe as Jesus Christ. However, hyperuniverse II, being deranged, at once tormented, humiliated, rejected and finally killed the micro-form of the healing psyche of her healthy twin. After that, hyperuniverse II continued to decay into blind, mechanical, purposeless causal processes. It then became the task of Christ (more properly the Holy Spirit) to either rescue the life forms in the hologramatic universe, or abolish all influences on it emanating from II.

^^^ his work goes perfectly into my earlier smokey explaination.

if this Apollo re-creation was done on the back of a Swan....

which also has been tied to..

YIN and YANG...

which ties to the whole awakening idea..

anyway, this may mean Apollo is ALSO Black and White !

& Hanso has the White/ the good, contained in the field. and uses it for power.

So guess where the Black is contained !

This just gives a very good visual idea as to what all this is about.

The Flammarion Woodcut can be taken to illustrate the Gnostics' search for spiritual worlds by circumventing the constraints of

Gnosticism is a historical term for various mystical initiatory
religions, sects and knowledge schools which were most active in the first few centuries of the Christian/Common Era, around the Mediterranean and extending into central Asia. These systems typically recommend the pursuit of special knowledge (gnosis) as the central goal of life. They also commonly depict creation as a mythological struggle between competing forces of light and dark, and posit a marked division between the material realm, which is typically depicted as under the governance of malign forces, and the higher spiritual realm from which it is divided. As a result of these common traits, allegations of dualism, anticosmism and body-hatred are often raised against Gnosticism as a whole; this, however, fails to acknowledge the variety, subtlety and complexity of the traditions involved.


The "Quantum Hologram" theory is basically an attempt to explain our universe and paranormal activity such as ESP,
remote viewing, telepathy and clairvoyance. All of which we have somewhat seen in LOST.

there are basically two stages of energy.
matter and anti-matter
mind and matter.
YIN and YANG, good/ bad, black/ white.

All of this is a frequency, a wavelength. Duality.

controlling this wavelength is the key to the Quantum Awakening.

There is a lot of info on the above ideas of QH.
I have tried to use real science to explain it as well,
but it goes much too deep at times and I have been told it is too hard for the general public to grasp.

A lot of it deals with Schrodinger and Heisenberg.

Schrodinger is a huge player in LOST, he has been mentioned many times by many lost fans.
The book the Third Policeman was seen in the show itself. i believe it somehow connects with
the author Robert Anton Wilson, who's most famous book was Schrodingers Cat.

It deals with Schrodingers equation.
Google "particle in a box"
(then remember Lenny saying "you've opened the box")

The science behind it all, is being able to predict the position of any given particle at any given time.
Heisenberg had the same idea from a different perspective.

it was these two that led the way toward Quantum Mechanics.

Our science stops here.
(actually around QED/QCD & string theory)
We do not yet have a Grand Unification Theory
But Hanso has developed one.

This Apollo is able to use his "minds eye" to solve the particles postion, and control its spin, doing this changes its state.
the same kind of idea is found in Star Treks transporters and replicators.

This is how Apollo creates the Illusions of things like Horses and dead fathers.
He alters matter, making things exist.

He manifests thoughts using his QH skills to read minds and manipulate matter.
He can make two people can see and touch the same thing.
he can make it so it exists.
just like "the cat in the box"
(I assume you read up on Schrodinger, APOLLO collapses wavefuntions.. altering matter on a quantum scale)

I tried searching for Quantum Hologram at wiki.
this was the closest they've allowed..

and this is damn close too, just not there yet.. IF we need scientific explaination as to how the particle becomes a wave.

A Bose-Einstein condensate is a phase of matter formed by bosons cooled to temperatures very near to absolute zero. The first such condensate was produced by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman in 1995 at the University of Colorado at Boulder, using a gas of rubidium atoms cooled to 170 nanokelvins (nK). Under such conditions, a large fraction of the atoms collapse into the lowest quantum state.

I have left out a lot here. the science does go too deep. And I DO understand most of it to all you damn doubters


I had thought the numbers were used to contain smokey, (the HOMOPLASMATE)
but these days I get a feeling they are used to keep the island in Hilbert space*,

This is the idea.. bare with me, this is my brand new attempt to tie in the numbers.


In response to this fake yet thought provoking image ^
I was searching for a "quantic" meaning at wiki. (Quantic is a made up term)

this will do though... Wiki mentions FOUR quantum numbers dealing with Atoms. Just as the above suggested.

I assume Wiki doesn't mention the four other "ANTI" numbers,
simply because its pretty hard to document something like that.

There are a set of quantum numbers associated with the energy states of the atom.
The four quantum numbers n, l, m, and s specify the complete and unique quantum state of a single electron in an atom called its wavefunction or orbital.
The wavefunction of the Schrödinger wave equation reduces to the three equations that when solved lead to the first three quantum numbers. Therefore, the equations for the first three quantum numbers are all interrelated.
The magnetic quantum number arose in the solution of the azimuthal part of the wave equation as shown below.
So now we have...

Four quantum numbers that reduce to three equations
when applying the Schrödinger wave equation
and, Therefore, the equations for the first three quantum numbers are all interrelated. See above.

and I ASSUME, these three numbers* relate to ANOTHER three anti-matter quantum numbers* kinda like the picture above
this leaves us with SIX numbers, six simple equations.

As soon as I posted this ^, Dragongirl responded, and what she responded with only now fits into my later to be done Hilbert space research....
There is a brand new theory on the horizon, maybe.

what's interesting, to me, is how the Schroedinger equation relates to the idea of time. taking those inputs (the first three quantum numbers), the Schroedinger equation explains how the vector of a particle w/in Hilbert space will change over time.

This state vector encodes the probabilities for the outcomes of all possible measurements applied to the system. As the state of a system generally changes over time, the state vector is a function of time. The Schrödinger equation provides a quantitative description of the rate of change of the state vector.

what's really cool, to me, is that the waveform represents only a probability of a particle being in any given state at a given moment. the probability resolves only upon an observation. there is something almost mystical about the act of observing. i dig that.

SO.. this is all basically, the operation of a Quantum Computing system. vectors changing over time. qubits being registered based on how they have flipped and changed.



We all know they add up to 108.
BUT, The numbers also solve themselves into 108 when done as in this next post....
which relates to something I have yet to refind.
(there may also be a geometric use for the below formula : 1x2x2x3x3x3x4x4x4x4x5x5x5x5x5 etc)
I am trying to find the source mav read to get to this, I know it was from something I had posted before.

posted by Mav in my other thread (mav if you remember which one, post the link!)
I thought this was pretty cool too. Yet another yin and yang reference.

".....108 equals the first non-trivial even and odd numbers multiplied by themselves as many times as themselves.

In figures: 108 = 2² x 3³, or 108 = 2 x 2 x 3 x 3 x 3.

This way, it unites on their own terms the polar opposites of even and odd, the numerical counterparts of female and male, yin and yang, etc."


I knew I saw it before, and I did the math recently, but I could not remember why I wanted to do it, TILL RIGHT NOW.
(I have been recapping and I noticed Dragongirl mention Hilbert space)

so here was my post from the night I did the math.
now it begins to make sense, for me anyway. in a blurry surreal way...

everyone knows this.. our numbers are additive.
4+8+15+16+23+42 = 108

4^4*8^8*15^15*16^16*23^23*42^42 = 1.08757420 e146

the idea to square them came from the square times cube

where 108 is the first sum that can be obtained from squaring the lowest numbers by themselves...1x2x2x3x3x3 = 108

seeing that done, inspired me to try it with our numbers.

and HELLO ! the sum was very similar, it began with 108 !!

It is worth mentioning here a minor but often confusing point. Most conserved quantum numbers are additive.
(4+8+15+16+23+42= 108)
Thus, in an elementary particle reaction, the sum of the quantum numbers should be the same before and after the reaction.

= 1.08757420 e146
THE "REACTION" is the squaring of the numbers, but done on elementary particles, somehow to their orbits or angular momentum/spin/resonance

However, some, usually called a parity, are multiplicative; ie, their product is conserved.
All multiplicative quantum numbers belong to a symmetry (like parity)
in which applying the symmetry transformation twice is equivalent to doing nothing. ^^
These are all examples of an abstract group called Z2.

our numbers may be of this abstract/rare group Z2...

So.... using the numbers as co-ordiantes for the EMF may create a window to Hilbert space ?
NOTE : We all live in Non-euclidian space, the Earth.

now Hanso keeps a window open to it. Or keeps it in Hilbert space so his project can live.



Hilbert space

mathematics, a Hilbert space is a generalization of Euclidean space which is not restricted to finite dimensions*.
inner product space, which means that it has notions of distance and of angle (especially the notion of orthogonality or perpendicularity). Moreover, it satisfies a more technical completeness requirement which ensures that limits exist when expected, which facilitates various definitions from calculus. Hilbert spaces provide a context with which to formalize and generalize the concepts of the Fourier series in terms of arbitrary orthogonal polynomials and of the Fourier transform, which are central concepts from functional analysis. Hilbert spaces are of crucial importance in the mathematical formulation of quantum mechanics.

Pseudo-Riemannian manifold
In differential geometry, a pseudo-Riemannian manifold (also called a semi-Riemannian manifold) is a generalization of a Riemannian manifold. The key difference between the two is that on a pseudo-Riemannian manifold the metric tensor need not be positive-definite. Instead a weaker condition of nondegeneracy is imposed.
Arguably, the most important type is pseudo-Riemannian manifold is a Lorentzian manifold. Lorentzian manifolds occur in the general theory of relativity as models of curved 4-dimensional spacetime. Just as Riemannian manifolds may be thought of a being locally modeled on Euclidean space, Lorentzian manifolds are locally modeled on Minkowski space.
This all ties right into the Vile vortice theory, euclidan space. I did a lot of research on this stuff too.
see the Bermuda triangle thread.
^in this link I have covered space" pretty much. It may simply be a form of Hilbert space.



Just before 1980 the incident happened and the numbers have been used since then.
Every 540 days replacements may be sent.
if the film was made in 1980, and it is now sometime after 2004, they would have had replacements...
24 years x 365 days = 8760 / 540 = 16.22 replacements have been sent to the swan station.

So why only every 540 days ? And where are these replacements ? Desmond was apparently with Kelvin for years.
(but at least they've received a new washer and dryer !)

I believe the island may circulate the equator at sail boat speed in its own spacetime, and every 540 days they know its back, even though they don't see it.


then ARCTURUS the guardian of the great bear. (lacenair found all these arcturus images)


then Lacenair found this...


the company is not a fake. it has been around for a long time before lost, it just shows the connection of the mythical arcturus and its radio emissions etc..

this is what the bulb looks like...

In electronics, a vacuum tube (U.S. and Canadian English) or (thermionic) valve (outside North America) is a device generally used to amplify, or otherwise modify, a signal by controlling the movement of electrons in an evacuated space. For most purposes, the vacuum tube has been replaced by the much smaller and less expensive transistor, either as a discrete device or in an integrated circuit. However, tubes are still used in several specialised applications such as audio systems and high power RF transmitters.

this is kinda the same line of stuff as hilbert space. vectors and particles/topology and spin, quantum numbers are used to describe the state of particles.

particles in a EM field = smokey, PLASMA.

our losities are in a "perfect vaccuum",(minus the freakin atmosphere! they need to breathe)...

ie : the island is a living computer !!

a living transistor, "Apollo" is the CPU"....

The quantum-mechanical vacuum

Even an ideal vacuum, thought of as the complete absence of anything, will not in practice remain empty.
One reason is that the walls of a vacuum chamber emit light in the form of black-body radiation: visible light if they are at a temperature of thousands of degrees, infrared light if they are cooler.

If this soup of photons is in thermodynamic equilibrium with the walls, it can be said to have a particular temperature, as well as a pressure.

Another reason that perfect vacuum is impossible is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle which states that no particle can ever have an exact position.

Each atom exists as a probability function of space, which has a certain non-zero value everywheres in a given volume.
Even the space between molecules is not a perfect vacuum.
More fundamentally, quantum mechanics predicts that vacuum energy can never be exactly zero.

The lowest possible energy state is called the zero-point energy and consists of a seething mass of virtual particles that have brief existence. This is called vacuum fluctuation. While most agree that this represents a significant part of particle physics, it is a concept that would benefit from a deeper understanding than currently available. Vacuum fluctuations may also be related to the so-called cosmological constant in the theory of gravitation, if indeed this entity were to be observed in nature on a macroscopic scale. The best evidence for vacuum fluctuations is the Casimir effect.
In quantum field theory and string theory, the term "vacuum" is used to represent the ground state in the Hilbert space, that is, the state with the lowest possible energy. In free (non-interacting) quantum field theories, this state is analogous to the ground state of a quantum harmonic oscillator.

Hanso HAS set up the island in a isolated "space" so he could conduct smokey and quantum experiments..
like finding the higgs boson, the god particle...the GUT. the fractal, the equation.

awaking Apollo.

now Apollo/Smokey has control over the space..
and Hanso uses the numbers to get it back, or to tame Smokey & tease Apollo.
so Hanso may continue his experiments.

give or take the details.

here is my take on the island. (using the same illustration style from above)
the EMF creates a Gaussian bell curve
(I know i saw someone use the numbers to generate one before)
which creates a space around the island.

the tokamak underneath the dark territory produces the plamsa,
which is more like a dark-matter "electron trap" for our being.

The gauss, abbreviated as G, is the cgs unit of magnetic flux density or magnetic induction (B), named after the German mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss.
One gauss is defined as one maxwell per square centimetre.
For many years prior to 1932 the term gauss was used to designate that unit of magnetic field intensity which is now known as the oersted.

The cosmological constant (usually denoted by the Greek capital letter lambda: Λ) was proposed by Albert Einstein as part of his theory of general relativity to achieve a stationary universe.
After the discovery of Hubble redshift and the introduction of the expanding space paradigm Einstein abandoned the concept.
New discoveries in the 1990s have however renewed interest in a cosmological constant.

As was only recently seen, by works of 't Hooft, Susskind and others, a positive cosmological constant has surprising consequences, such as a finite maximum entropy of the observable universe. (See the holographic principle.)

The holographic principle is a speculative conjecture about quantum gravity theories, proposed by Gerard 't Hooft and improved and promoted by Leonard Susskind, claiming that all of the information contained in a volume of space can be represented by a theory that lives in the boundary of that region.

In other words, if you have a room then you can model all of the events within that room by creating a theory that only takes into account what happens in the walls of the room.
Gerard 't Hooft = GERALD DEGROOT


The holographic principle thus implies that the subdivisions must stop at some level, and that the fundamental particle is a bit (1 or 0) of information.
The most rigorous realization of the holographic principle is the AdS/CFT correspondence by Juan Maldacena

In physics, the AdS/CFT correspondence is the equivalence between a string theory defined on anti de Sitter space (AdS), and a conformal field theory (CFT) defined on the conformal boundary of this AdS space, whose dimension is lower by one.

An example is the duality between Type IIB string theory defined on AdS5 × S5 space (a product of five dimensional AdS space with a five dimensional sphere) and a supersymmetric N=4 Yang-Mills gauge theory defined on the 4-dimensional boundary of AdS5.

It is the most successfully tested realization of the holographic principle, a speculative idea about quantum gravity originally proposed by Gerard 't Hooft and improved and promoted by Leonard Susskind.

<A href="" target=_blank><A href="" target=_blank>

The supersymmetry algebra

Traditional symmetries in physics are generated by objects that transform under the various tensor representations of the Poincaré group. Supersymmetries, on the other hand, are generated by objects that transform under the spinor representations. According to the spin-statistics theorem bosonic fields commute while fermionic fields anticommute.
In order to combine the two kinds of fields into a single algebra (our constant of 108) requires the introduction of a Z2-grading under which the bosons are the even elements and the fermions are the odd elements. Such an algebra is called a Lie superalgebra..

this all leads to majorly confusing details involving...


___THIS WAS AN EDITED FIRST POST>> I did not wish to leave out the quantum numbers info and the theory grows in the thread itself.

I guess this thread has been a QUANTUM PLAYGROUND

The Quantum Tiberus Thread of LOST-TV (The fuselage has a playground TS thread called Tiberus where many exhange ideas on LOST, this thread became ours. imo)

These are my main threads. just to have them in one place, even for myself.

3d Map thread.

Smokey explained thread
(stick to the last posts in this thread, it grew)

My first attempt thread.
This is where the QH/ WSM Duality/ Evoloution idea was born.
And some other island birth related ideas

My QH thread, The Awakening of apollo.

and here is the summized QH thread,
although a lot of key points had to be left out due to webmaze "spoiler' info.
and it turns out, it was no more spoiled than Dharmas ranch dressing.


Below you will find a list of my favorite posts regarding the Whole QH/ Apollo ideas.
I have had some ideas to other points of the show as well.

they all seem to relate too.

This one deals with The Quantum Hologram and Apollo.
And much more, this one site seems to have a lot of info.

I like the way Island Maverick put things in this post.

AND THIS IS A MUST READ THREAD, done a long time before this one.
I suggest people read it, then come back here to see how this connects with the ideas set forth.
I think this thread and its ideas give some credit to the ideas from sawyerhasthebestlines in 2004 ?
(not that they needed help, but this thread does define some of sawyers ideas further, i hope)

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