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Re: Damnation - USA Tuesday

Man, this was really an excellent premiere.

I'm watching this and the only thing I can think of are the movies, Grapes of Wrath and Days of Heaven, one of the most visually stunning movies ever.

1930s, we're dealing with the beginning of the Depression. A time in our history when the majority of the people had nothing. The struggle between the have's and have not's.

Definitely got the beginning of organized Unions. Also, got a Communist vibe when listening to the Preacher.

And speaking of the Preacher, what a character. He's definitely running from something. We find out part of what he's running from is the apparent murder of the female Pinkerton agents husband.

OMG! What she did to start that riot was unforgivable. She must'a killed several people just to get things started.

From reading the synopsis of the series, I knew our main protagonists were brothers. "If you don't leave town, I'm going to kill you and drag you to Hell." Just damn!

Loved every character we were introduced to:
  • Sara Jones - Amelia Davenport - The Preachers wife
  • Melinda Page Hamilton - Connie Nunn - Female Pinkerton agent
  • Christopher Heyerdahl - Don Berryman - Town Sheriff
  • Chasten Harmon - Bessie Louvin - Prostitute (smartest person in town)

As I mentioned in the "What's On TV Tonight", thread, this is going to be a great series.
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