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Re: Damnation - USA Tuesday

Someone, other than me, needs to watch this series. It's excellent!

I'm going to try and not spoil everything in this episode, but I'm got to talk about Bessie Louvin (Chasten Harmon). The smartest person in this whole series.

If you remember from the Pilot, she's the "black" prostitute who lives at Holden's brothel. She's also the only prostitute in town who can read. Remember again, the test Creely gave all the girls in the last episode.

We find out in this episode, she's the "love child" of Sheriff Don Berryman (Christopher Heyerdahl), and his black female lover.

After finding out about her father, she initially came to town to introduce her self to him. Obviously, he didn't accept her, so to get back at him, she decided to take up residence at the brothel.
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