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Re: Damnation - USA Tuesday

Originally Posted by FrodoFraggins View Post
I hadn't heard of this show until I saw your post. I've finally started watching it...

...Overall I like the show but I think they need to work on character development and making us care about their welfare.
Glad you followed me over here, FF. I'm also glad you enjoyed the first couple of episodes.

I definitely see a lot of character development in the weeks to come. We found out they're brothers, from a different mother. What happened there?

And, my favorite character so far, Bessie Louvin (Chasten Harmon), how in the HELL did she get so smart?

Originally Posted by FrodoFraggins View Post
...It's not a Western show but it does feel a a bit like Deadwood and Hell on Wheels...
I have to keep reminding myself, we're dealing with the Depression era. Which helps me accept the Creely Turner's character having a 9mm automatic pistol.

Originally Posted by FrodoFraggins View Post
...The actor playing the preachers brother is like a less menacing Tom Hardy...
I was wondering who he reminded me of.

! You're exactly right.
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