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Remember Me - PBS - Sunday

Remember Me - PBS - Premieres Tonight 07/16/17
A Three Part Mystery
S01E01 - "Episode 1"
Sunday, July 16, 2017 @ 10/9c on PBS

"Watch Michael Palinís portrayal of pensioner Tom Parfitt, who stages a fall in his eerie Yorkshire home in order to escape into residential care, leading to a chilling and macabre mystery."

"Episode 1 -- At the age of "eighty-odd," Tom Parfitt sits alone in his terraced house in the otherwise entirely Asian community of a small Yorkshire town, and remembers a strange drowned figure washed up on a beach. Tom carefully fakes a fall, to trick his social worker into taking him into residential care." Source

Spoiler: Description and Promo

"In the premiere, an elderly pensioner's new life in an assisted-living facility begins with a bad omen: a social worker falls to her death. While an investigation gets underway, healthcare aide Hannah finds her dreams haunted." Source

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