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Re: Gotham - FOX Monday

Since this moved to Thursdays, I've been watching with my husband who hates it. I know it and this makes it feel different. So I'm taping the show from now on and playing it on Monday night when he is not home. It will be way more fun to watch then.

But I did see this episode.

Penguin is so nasty to Ivy who's really just a dumb chic. I don't know why he's so mean. He loved his mom, Tabitha was really bad to him, Fish was mean to him in a way that also made her feel like she liked him. Trying to figure Penguin's motives out. So Ivy is sorta subsurviant to him, that makes him be mean to her just to get psychologically back at those other women I guess.
Anyhoo, I'm glad she went to Selina and Tabitha.
But Tabitha is just a mean pretty girl. Wonder what makes her tick so.

Oh Bruce, he is just so interesting in his transformation. Enjoyed all the new equipment he's gotten from Lucius Fox and Alfred. Wonder what make him take on the sillhouette of a bat?

Penguin is looking more like the comic book rotund (Danny DeVito/Burgess Meridith) creature. Although not fat, it is the camera angles that seem to give him that shape imo.

I wasn't a fan of psycho Barbara, but much prefer this incarnation's demeanor. I hadly recognized her. Waiting upon her back story.

Scarecrow is really scarey, but the continually flashing during those Arkham scenes were extremely distracting to me. I can not tolerate tv flashes too long. I closed my eyes and missed some good stuff because of the flashing.
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