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Re: Gotham - FOX Monday

Bruce takes the knife he bought to a museum curator to find out what exactly its background. Along with the curator, Bruce meets his grandson, Alex.

Asked to leave the knife with them overnight, the curator is confronted by Ras al Ghul. He refused to tell him where he's put the knife, so Ras al Ghul breaks his neck. The act is viewed by the grandson who was told to hide himself along with the knife.

Gordon arrives on the scene just when Bruce comes back. He tells Jim some, but now all of the truth.

Upon arriving back at the precinct, Gordon has a special visitor, Ras al Ghul, whose in disguise as a Diplomat. When he realizes Jim doesn't have the knife either, he disappears.

Ras al Ghul sends to strange characters to acquire the knife and to kill Alex. Bruce realizes where Alex maybe hiding out, and he and Gordon head out.

Confronted at the library, Gordon, Bruce and Alex start trying to run out. Alex is caught by Ras al Ghul and has his throat cut.


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