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Re: This Is Us - NBC Tuesday

Originally Posted by Lawboy View Post
I will be honest--not enjoying this year as much. They are all just so damaged and lost. Too much, in fact. It they were late 20s, I'd get it. But they are all pushing 40, when most people are past that stuff and figured out who they are. It's just weird viewing seeing them sort of spiral in their own way. It doesn't ring as true to me, to be honest, because it seems like the writers are just trying to torture them all at the same time..
You know Lawboy, I feel the same way.

But I think my feelings stem from that initial season. Not sure anything could compare to it.

I'd heard these next three episodes will be centric to each of the kids. I thought this one was kind'a tough to watch. Especially the scene in the hospital after Kevin broke his leg.

I thought this may've been rock bottom for Kevin, but the news about Kate will keep him dangling awhile longer.

Remember when I mentioned I couldn't believe Sophie couldn't see Kevin's addiction. Well, in this episode we got a "real" bonafide doctor and she couldn't see it either. Now, I will say, she was more into sleeping with Kevin than anything else, so, he could've been drooling on the floor and she would've still ripped his shirt off.

I'm going to assume next up will be Kate. She apparently was the "second" to walk.
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