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Gaiman's Sandman GD *spoilers after page 1*

Originally Posted by vonnegut View Post
Corinthian > Vampires

Sorry not sorry


I still want that series I talked about.

Originally Posted by Mr Mo View Post
I guess the only real argument against that is that vampires can make more vampires, while the Corinthian was sorta stuck being unique.

I mean, in general i agree with you, but there are some things about vampires that resonate in ways that the Corinthian never could. "I created you to be a dark mirror," i think Morpheus tells him, and Morpeus admits that the Corinthian is a flawed, petty creation.

Not to imply that vampires aren't flawed and petty. They are, down to the very last bloodsucker.

So i think what i'm trying to say is that while the Corinthian may be better than any vampire, vampireS are still better than the Corinthian. It's a near thing though i suppose.

Corinthian #1 maybe...

Corinthian #2... no way. He was awesome.

I'm not using spoiler tags for anything, just for the record.

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