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Re: How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

Originally Posted by Jinjur View Post
Man, that was cold. Nate told her he was innocent, just to get her to leave him alone...
He saw the way she treated him on the witness stand. She outed him just to win a case.

I've got a funny feeling he's going to continue looking into her husband. As you mentioned, Nate lied to her about his alibi. He had none.

Originally Posted by Jinjur View Post
...I'm not sure deciding to marry a future politician, whose skeletons were tripped over instead of need to be unburied, is such a great idea. Vera Wang better be worth it.
Jj, we know she's only after keeping or having a great life. I get the impression she wants to be a lawyer to help in that concern, not to help people in trouble.

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