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Re: THE TOURNEY AT LTV - Run-off Poll

My picks:

Oberyn - dude took down the Mountain. then stepped too close, but still.

Jaime - with hand, he was a beast. widely regarded one of, if not the, best swordsman in westeros. fighting and screwing his sister are the only things he really enjoys

Drogo - his braid was never cut

Syrio - kicked the ass of a frickin armed and armored posse, with a wooden sword. First Sword of Braavos.

Barristan - even old and decrepit, manages to do some awesome things (cutting his way out of King's Landing, saving Dany armed with only a staff, etc). can't deny the skills

Bronn - may not be formally trained in chivalry, but has a killer's heart and instinct

Loras - also has undeniable skills.

Brienne - kicks ass all over town. in match-ups against these others, will certainly be in one of the top spots

Sandor - big, fast, and hungry. everyone is scared of him. loves killing. kicked Beric's ass even when on fire.

Gregor - the m-f-ing Mountain

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