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Re: Would you ever sponsor me?

Originally Posted by Mattie View Post
Much complex. More complex than...that.

But really, I do enjoy getting lost in it. It relieves my nervous tension and OCD. Iíve always wanted to be a photographer, it was the job I first wanted as a kid (although wildlife photographer). I also donít know much about photography, like actual film and how to operate complex cameras and what not. But I donít intend to use any of that for this charity project and it isnít necessary anyway. I really do like the idea of photography morphing into smartphones. They say the best camera is the one you have with you...
Well, it's easier to make good art with good materials, but it's hardly necessary if you have vision.

You could think about taking a photography class, though. Even if it doesn't much change what you do, it could give you ideas.
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