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Re: NFL Thread Pt. II

Patriots sure look like they've found their groove. It's what they do--adjust. Now they look like the Super Bowl contenders everyone expected they would be before Edelman got injured.

As for the rest of the league, I can say that only the Eagles, Saints and Vikings look authentic right now. The Chiefs somehow lost a game to a Giants team that looked desperate to lose. The Jags and Browns game was an utter embarrassment (I actually watched a good bit of it while waiting on the Pats, as the Browns made some noises at competency last week against Detroit). The Miasma Dolphins, the Pack-it-ins, the Busted Broncos...all would be contenders right now if NFL stood for National Fail League. Oh, and as for those Cowboys; well, enough said the better.

What a mix of mediocrity among the few shining stars this year.
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