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Re: Homoplasmates and The Quantum Hologram

Ugh. I like to peruse T&S, and I've sat by politely as these "Quantum-Appollo-Whatever" threads have continued to pile up. But seeing as this is about the 700th iteration of this same stuff, I now feel that I must weigh-in...

It's encouraging that for once, the first 10 replies to this thread haven't been littered with those "bowing-down" smilies, left by people who proclaim themselves too dense to understand what you are talking about. Just so those people know -- there is nothing to get. Stringing together a bunch of sciencey-sounding words does not science make. For anyone that thinks it does, I've got some high-frequency sublimation reticulators you may be interested in purchasing.

Every time I read these threads, I feel like you are about to segue into a sales pitch for some nerve tonic or those ionized Q-Ray bracelets.

I appreciate your hard-work and your enthusiasm, but if Lost amounts to a bunch of pseudo-intellectual bullpoop, then I want my money back. What's that? It's free? Well in that case I will throw my TV out the window.
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