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Re: sleeping issues

Originally Posted by nsguy View Post

To be honest, I just kind of accept it now. Not sure if it's stress or just getting old. I go to bed a little earlier than I used to so I can get some sleep before the inevitable early wake up. I'm also getting into work earlier than I ever did. Most days I'm in by 7.
As we age we start needing less sleep, however, I don't think we ever need less than 7 or 6 hours.
When you wake at night and are unable to fall back asleep you think I should get up and do something, but it is difficult to roll out of bed. It is easier to just lay there awake. Then thoughts start to ramble in your mind and that keeps you awake even more. Years ago I started to construct a tale I would tell myself so that I couldn't think about anything else. That usually helped me and I was fall asleep more easily. This worked because I would always fall asleep watching tv, yet go to bed and be awake. I figured I needed a distraction and I did.
Originally Posted by Zaphod of Whiskers View Post
i specifically asked my doc about ambien as i had seen the ads on tv. i don't blame him for my jumping to that option. and mattie is correct, tho i pretty much trust my doc as on the level.
:-( That is why those prescription drugs adds have no place on public tv. Sorry it worked out roughly for you Zaph.

Originally Posted by J_C View Post
I use an air purifier. So I get the white noise and the air I'm sleeping in is cleaner.

Possible helps:
- Take a walk earlier in the day (approx. 2 miles)
- It is being posited that the glowing screens we stare at (phones, monitors, tv) should be abstained from like 3 hours before bedtime. You could look into that.
- How's the blood pressure?
- Are the pillows, mattress, teddy bear getting old? Losing support?
- Ever try using a body pillow (or a reasonable facsimile)? I did it once and have never stopped
- of course the usual: lessen caffiene, salt and sugar intake in general, don't eat or exercise 3 hours before.
Very good list to focus on. Blood pressure is an important factor, if it is up, then sleep is mos def not coming easily.
I used to want to be 7 of 9 from Star Trek, Next Generation. She was beautiful, but the reason I wanted to be her was that at the end of her day she would go to her box and plug in. Fall asleep immediately. That was the most appealing thing about that character. LOL
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