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Re: Mental Health (ASD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, etc.)

Twenty years from now, your daughter will reallly appreciate what you did for her, Liz! I love that you resisted their med-pushing. They're literally paid to do it - more doctors than not in the US receive kickbacks and incentives from certain drug makers, to ensure they choose their med as the go-to when doling stuff out. It's gross. Abilify sounds like it should be taken off the market, and probably should be. I'd be weary even of the Lexapro, but obviously you see it improving her condition so maybe it isn't all bad. Maybe look into the method of action for lexapro, see what brain chemistry it is altering and if there are any natural herbal antagonists that may do much of the same.

I'll never forget once, when I was about 15 and at the dentist for a check up. The guy said I had FOUR or FIVE cavities and it was imperative we went back soon to get them fixed. (I didn't want it done,had never had a cavity in my life)

Fast forward to I am almost 32 and have never had a cavity or any issue with the teeth that dentist wanted to fill. Scary, huh?

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