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Re: Mental Health (ASD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, etc.)

Also, interesting to me you say coffee helps your kids, Liz. Back in my most depressive days (and I believe I've always had ADHD), I was on a regimen of 5-HTP and coffee. I didn't know about time-released caffeine, I'll have to check that out! But coffee really does seem to help me focus, or lift my mood. I know that's known of coffee, but I think it's more than that for me than what most people perceive when they drink it.

Anyway, also sounds silly but I've also found taking ibuprofen daily also helps with the ADHD brain fog impairment. I'm a big believer in most mental issues stemming from chronic inflammation, and ibuprofen works on a few different channels in the brain than other NSAIDS. I only discovered this one day after noticing by mistake how much better and clearer my mind had felt after taking ibuprofen for something entirely unrelated. I googled, and across many forums and places online others report the same differences.

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