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Re: Mental Health (ASD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, etc.)

Mo, I'll have to respectfully disagree that abilify is a scam. Like you said, every persons body is different and will react differently to the multitudes of medications out there.

My daughter has been in counseling for nearly four years. Before starting she had a neuropsych eval done and the psychologist came up with a bizarre diagnosis of Opposition Defiant Disorder which did not suit her at all. We saw a doctor who suggested Risperdal (don't even get me started on behavior meds!) I knew enough about that med to know it wasn't an option for us. So we sought out a counselor and for the first three years I resisted medications, she's been with the same counselor the whole time and she was very respectful of my desire not to medicate. She also respected my desire to celebrate my daughters individuality. My interest was not in turning her into a "normal" cookie cutter child. I just wanted her to learn the coping skills she needed because her perception of her social status was so far removed from reality that it was genuinely painful to watch. Her perfectionism was also getting in the way of her social interactions. No first grader should feel the way she felt every day.

For a while counseling seemed to be helping, but something somewhere last year snapped in her and things took a turn for the worst. She started having suicidal thoughts and that was when the counselor (rightfully IMO started pressing for me to at least consider medications). We (my daughter and I) interviewed several doctors before we chose who we trusted to prescribe the medication and then we started the process. The initial diagnosis when we started medication was anxiety and depression.

The first attempted medication was Lexapro, but with her GI problems, it tore her stomach up. The next medication that we tried was Zoloft. We thought it was working at first because she genuinely seemed happier, but she got much too happy much too quickly. This was the med that triggered her to have a manic episode. While that sounds like a bad thing, it was actually a blessing. This is how we discovered that she has bipolar (or whatever they call it in children). The next med we tried was Lamictal which she unfortunately turned out to be severely allergic to. We finally settled on Abilify. She's been taking a very low dose since around Christmas and it's really amazing how well she's done on it. There's no indication that she feels drugged at all, in fact, she seems more alert and more focused. She's got the freedom to be herself without all of the bad thoughts invading her mind. For our family, Abilify has been a life saver.
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