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Re: Homoplasmates and The Quantum Hologram

Originally Posted by island_maverick
How predictable. First Lostmio, then Neill. Just need one or two more of the 'regulars' to drop by and we'll have a veritible spleen venting convention.

Almost as predictable that someone would get into a snit and kick it off by the always popular us vs them approach to life. Look, I am sorry you feel inferior. There is nothing I can do about it. But, what ever you are feeling is entirely self inflicted, and has nothing to do with me.

Seriously folks, don't you get tired of coming in on yung's threads just to slag the guy off? It really is very tired behaviour - your feelings of self importance were no doubt in need of a re-charge.

I have known Yung much longer than I have known most people on this board. How we choose to relate, or even quarrel, really is none of your business, is it?

Do you always feel the need to state the obvious?"a comfy new quilt"......corrupting the English language by using throw-away statements out of context really give your posts extra gravitas......and you've got the nerve to tell yung his threads are BS.

Sounds kinky. And you, Neill, of all people.

And you are....?.......the nominated 'Thread Adjudicator'...? There's plenty of other equally 'irrelevant' threads to adjudicate on, why not be consistent.

There are those I follow and for whom I have expectations.

For others, I have no such expectations.

I have alternately championed and quarreled with Yung all along the way. Maybe if you weren't so busy looking for imagined slights you would have noticed this.

Then let them post again, in this thread. If they're as anally retentive as you appear to be, they'll enjoy the opportunity to snipe at yung again.

No, why should they have to post again. And why should I have to recreate for the Nth time the status of the development of the ideas and thoughts at question here. Looking for some order and integrety is hardly anal retentive.

Neill, you want to be taken seriously? Well, eliminate the need to lecture yung about his threads. I know you're old, but he's not your son.

Oh, so you want I go put on a cheerleader's skirt?

Can I borrow one of your extras?

From what I can see, yung has:

1. spliced together old posts/threads
2. added some recent new information/ideas that are scattered around various threads (from his own and other people's threads)
3. added some new new information of his own
4. responded to a request by Jeff at Ent. Weekly to summarise the ideas
5. responded to requests from other forum members to start a new thread summarising the ideas

and ignored several requests not to overlook already posted criticisms and questions.

Debate is what makes this forum the great place it is. Yung's ideas would not have evolved without positive and negative feedback posts. They are both needed. However, fairly spineless snipes at his enthusiastic efforts do not make particularly pleasant reading, nor should I feel compelled to come to his defence, again, now.

Why not post in with something constructive, rather than dismissive or patronising.

My point exactly. I have.

Or for Lostmio's benefit: Show the dog it was wrong, don't just kick it. (Sorry, but I don't find mangling the English language as easy as you appear to.)

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