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Re: Blindspot - NBC Monday

Originally Posted by Lawboy View Post
Looks like 2 of those thumbnails aren't from the show. Someone just wanted to show off some hiney. Is that you sandi? LOL.
Originally Posted by Hodgepodge View Post
You know Lawboy, I heard an interview with Alexander about the Time Square (TS) scene. She said they closed down TS for that now infamous bag scene. She also said it was very cold that night, especially since she was naked. The operative word being, naked!

I've also learned she has a stunt-double that handles a lot of the fight scenes. I'm with you, although I don't think that's Sandi's hiney, it could be the stunt-double's.
Those two are probably promo shots. I'll go back and compare them to some caps against the episode. Do you want me to remove them?

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