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Re: Purpose of Execution Button

Honestly, I just cannot agree with the Halucinogen idea. He doesn't shoot it until the building shakes, not before, so it's probably not getting him "high".

Don't forget, Jack doesn't exactly get to see a whole lot besides the icky hallway leading to the main room, and the Lab. It's also VERY dark, and we just don't get into seeing everything. Also, when the music blasts, you can see a brightly lit room behind Jack, down some hallway, and then a second later, there's someone with a light, moving in the background to turn on the floodlight. That place is a little bigger than you might think. At the very beginning, when Desmond turns down the lights, it dramatically changes the mood, going blue. In fact, the sunlight stops coming in through all the windows...curious.

Also, when Desmond is setting the environmental controls and bringing down the lights, you can see the wall across the hall from him, the one with all the lidded plastic buckets and the hastily put up cross beams, the one that has the generator, or whatever it is that's being held back by the wall. It's obviously the same place.

So, I think it's FAR more likely that we're just not being shown the whole thing at the end than Desmond doing an Halucinogen.

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