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Originally Posted by CormacPaul View Post
Did anyone lese work out that the numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) all add to equal 108 which is the time limit on the hatch clock. Therefore, since we have seen that when they reset the hatch timer, other numbers are present, and since the dharma initiative is just one massive social experiment (i believe), then surely if they typed in larger numbers, they would be able to leave the computer for longer periods.

Must say I am disappointed they havent cleared this up so far (only of season 5 episode2 on netflix) but them blowing the hatch up kind of eliminates any chance of them clearing this up and I am intrigued as to what would happen if different numbers were 'executed'.

Likewise, we know that the keyboard is completely functional as Michael uses it to communicate with Walt so why didnt people like Locke test this out. Moreover, how is Walt so omniscient and omnipresent?...
Actually, we now know that every time the button was pressed, a kitten was sent to Purgatory.
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