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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Hmmm one thing you said really sticks out to me about Locke having lost his path. If his path was to go to the pearl and not the swan, then maybe the Yemi dream was never about the swan at all. When it said something about important work being done here, I just assumed that meant in the swan hatch. Which seemed to be the case when we found out that it was doing important work. Maybe that's not what the vision meant though. "Here" didn't have to mean where it was in the dream. "Here" could have just meant the island in general. Also it sure seems like Eko has put Locke back on his path. Back to his destiny of being a jungle man. An explorer. He did that by getting Locke to the pearl and out of the swan. Maybe Eko did exactly what he was supposed to do by leading to the destruction of the swan.
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