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Re: Their Dreams Come True

Originally Posted by Bob Sacamano View Post
Eko also had a dream in ? and in it he saw Ana's future - a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. Remember that Eko did not have any knowledge of her death until after the dream when he ran to the hatch to find John.
Bob, I like the idea that their dreams, and their dreams alone, are acting as a window to foretell the future to them.

I mean, it really does seem folly that we have, so far, fallen into the trap of lumping together hallucinations, visions and dreams, so I like where you're going with this. I do have a question though - are you ruling out the possibility that any of the havids are actually ghosts, or energised spirits in some way, which are somehow empowered to present themselves to the recipient (say, as a result of the island's properties acting as some kind of clairvoyent conduit)?

Also, I'd like to challenge you over the Ana blood scene. For this to be a dream that presented Eko with a vision of the future, it would have had to have been something Eko experienced before Ana was shot. I would need to re-watch the concurrent episodes again, but I'm fairly sure that we were first shown Ana being shot, and then later, Eko was shown to see Ana standing there, with a gunshot wound.

Her message to Eko was also strange - why tell him to help John find his faith again? Ok, we know it was to get John to re-establish his faith in pressing the button, but why would Ana care about that? One possibility of that whole situation is that Ana, having unfortunately been shot, become homogeneous with the island, in her spirit form, and that she was soon able to see the importance/relevance of the button.

Anyway, don't let my negativity throw this thread off track. There are some interesting ideas in here that deserve further discussion.
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