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Re: + The Weaver and The Reaver

Topical addendum - Part 1
As this group of topics has progressed I have indicated them by number as to the best order to read them in. Perhaps later on I will edit the posts to reflect this. It doesn't really matter though as they are basically topics.

2. The Pilot
Why Seth died: It was essential that any conventions of ‘civilization’ be removed. His presence would have hindered the ‘development’ of the situation for he would have assumed the leadership role, and the ‘leadership vacuum’ struggle that we saw would not have happened.
Seth Norris was already set in his ways and could no longer be ‘shaped’.
NOTE: He was going to die anyway. (more on that in part 2).
(Alternate reason why the pilot was killed by Smokie: Merely to give the audience a strong sense of the passengers being stranded in a terrible place.)

4. Roundabout
On the Island, whether it’s John on walkabout searching for a beginning, or Jack on runabout searching for closure, the Losties are met with unusual experiences- all at the hands of either Jacob or Nemesis… or both.
Before I deal with specific events (mostly in part 2) I want to try to make clear the following idea… which I’m afraid might not be easy.
Neither Jacob or Nemesis are irresistible, options must remain for whoever they are trying to ‘influence’… but let me clarify ‘influence’: More like ‘trying to get the target person to act/react according to an aspect of their own nature that is already there’.
So rather than Jacob or Nemesis trying to get that person to do what they want them to do (like a politician or salesman)- it’s more like trying to get the person to do what he/she ought to do (like a supervisor). But- Because of the differing Natures of both Jacob and Nemesis, they have differing views of what part of human nature defines humanity, and therefore differ on what they ‘ought’ to do.
Hence the conflict.
They must go this roundabout way or the position/nature of their argument concerning humanity becomes compromised.
Let’s see how this conflict manifested itself in Aaron’s story line:

5. What Child is This?
Could Aaron be a ‘breakthrough’ human that one day will take humanity to the next level, as Jacob believes is possible? I think Nemesis suspects it, and wants to ‘contain this anomaly’ before it(he) starts any real trouble- like a rancher who finds out one inside the herd has Mad Cow Disease.
1st: The Seer - Malkin, on the side of Jacob, sends Claire purposefully on 815- the only Lostie whose boarding the flight was trouble free. (more on that in part 2).
2nd: The Dragon and the Maid - After the crash Claire is concerned that the unborn child is not active, perhaps Nemesis is. One day after an act of kindness the child kicks, was it the food or the act that fed this resurgence?
3rd: The Hiding Place - Jacob has the Others secure the child by having Claire taken from among the Losties.
4th: The Dragon’s Breath - Alex, after seeing other pregnant women die, erroneously concludes that Claire’s life is in danger. She abducts her from the safekeeping of Jacob. Danielle, generally influenced by Nemesis, brings Claire back to one of the most dangerous places on the Island- with the Losties. Ethan, though holding a high position among the Others and with Jacob, defies him and pursues his own design.
5th: Birth - Due to even more strife, the child is born under dire circumstances. But the child’s health cannot be directly assailed, Aaron is fine.
6th: Fools Rush In - Between Charlie and Danielle, few children have been put in such danger as Aaron. But Aaron is not without an advocate.
7th: Exile - Nemesis/Christian fools Claire into separating her from her baby in Space, Nemesis/Christian fools John and Ben into separating them in Time.
8th: ...

6. The Numbers
We can conclude that the numbers were a focus of D.I. research.
You don’t have to convince Hurley that the numbers represent something ‘bad‘, and we can see that misfortune occurred as the D.I. delved into that area.
I would say that the numbers are related to what Nemesis believes to be the limitations, and therefore the failure of humanity. Any ‘use’ of these numbers would become a demonstration of that failure, as they represent what you might call a ’formula for ruin’.
To “open the box”, As Leonard put it, is to allow the imitations that this set of numbers represent to nullify the greater potential of whatever one seeks to achieve.
Nemesis is probably responsible for steering individuals in the direction of focusing on them, as it is his desire to hasten what he feels is the inevitable downfall of man. The ‘cure for the curse’ is do what Hurley did with the van; to consider the numbers no longer, but instead to look beyond them.
If the numbers are ‘bad’, then rather than ‘correct’ or ‘alter’ them (which isn‘t going to happen… 23 is going to stay 23... “What‘s done is done“)... such effort means to focus on them… leading to disaster- the solution is to aim beyond them.
Sort of like guilt, the best way to deal with it is to not dwell on it.

8. Riding A Nightmare
In What Child is This? above I indicated Nemesis at work. Here I will present the efforts of Jacob. Locke has a dream, actually a nightmare, regarding his efforts to open the "Hatch'. It is a warning from Jacob.
Spoiler: transcript with commentary

Text in Blue is mine. Bold done by me.

BOONE: Don't you get it? It's a dead end. You're not getting in.
It IS a dead end, it will not lead Locke to understanding the nature of the Island which he seeks, instead he will run afoul of The Numbers, which are a ‘dead end’ in themselves..
LOCKE: That's impossible. We didn't find this by accident. We're supposed to...

BOONE: Oh, we're supposed to. We're supposed to find this, right? We're supposed to open it, right? Then tell me something, John, if we're supposed to open it, then why the hell haven't we opened it yet?
Self explanatory, Jacob trying to overcome John’s stubbornness, which has never served him well.
LOCKE: The island will send us a sign.
He’s getting that sign right now.
BOONE [sarcastically]: The island will send us a sign.
Not getting in was the first sign.
LOCKE: All that's happening now is our faith is being tested - our commitment. But we will open it. The island will show us how.
The Island never did. Danielle, who certainly is not one of Jacob’s people, and is arguably influenced by Nemesis, showed him how.
BOONE: What kind of kind of sign will the island send us? Huh, John?

[We hear the sound of an airplane engine. Locke looks up to see a small, smoking plane looking like it's going to crash.]
Like what John is headed for, a bad portent.
LOCKE [pointing]: Did you see that? Boone?

[Boone is looking up at the sky. There's a quick inserted shot of Boone all bloody. Locke hears a metallic sound (it is the sound of ceramic breaking) and looks around to see his mother pointing.]
Ceramic breaking: The statues containing heroin, but also; the breaking of a ‘clay vessel’ = Death...
Bloody Boone: This should have been obvious enough- BAD, John, BAD.
Anywhere his mother points is a place not to go.
BOONE [bloody]: Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs. Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.

[Locke is in a wheelchair, his mother pointing up in the background.]
Two of the most unfortunate things that have happened to him in his life are being equated with his efforts regarding the ‘Hatch’.
LOCKE: No, no, no, please.

BOONE [overlapping with Locke]: Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.
We find out later that this is a reference to tragedy.
LOCKE [trying to get out of the wheelchair, falling]: Don't take it back.

[We see Locke at night on the beach, waking up frightened from a dream. He checks his legs to see if he can feel them.]

Unfortunately, John does not heed the warning. A great deal of misfortune occurs because of this.

(Part 2 hopefully by next weekend)


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