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Re: + The Weaver and The Reaver

Topical Addendum part 2
As this group of topics has progressed I have indicated them by number as to the best order to read them in. Perhaps later on I will edit the posts to reflect this. It doesn't really matter though as they are basically topics.

1. They Were Going to Die Anyway The idea that the passengers of flight 815 were waylaid to become unwitting and unwilling pawns in this game and therefore forced into this conflict (seemingly a violation of Jacob’s/Nemesis Rules regarding Humanity) may not be entirely accurate.
We know that Desmond’s delay in pressing the button brought the plane down upon the Island.
But the plane lost all communication and navigational equipment over an hour before the plane crash. Further, as the plane descended it broke in half. Apparently in disrepair, this plane was doomed before any EMP hit it.
I would say that being brought to the Island wasn’t an interruption of their lives, rather it was their death that was interrupted.
So, they pay back this borrowed time by engaging in the struggle of the party that gave it to them.
This may have also been the case with the Black Rock- but- I am not saying that it is the case with any and all who come to the Island, just the 815.

7. The Black Horse
Kate is visited by a manifestation of a Black Horse.
Horses, not only synonymous with Power, have a singular Grace, often referred to as ’That Way Of Going’. For Kate, the manifestation of the Black Horse can be a representation of that Powerful Grace; a ‘living sign’ of forgiveness.
Was the first time Kate saw that horse Jacob’s doing as well?

3. The Black Rock
A few thoughts… some already presented I’m sure, but perhaps now maybe in a different light.
I have no idea what informs John Locke’s conclusion that not only was it a slave ship, but also that it had disembarked from Mozambique. It seems quite dubious that Jacob, in an attempt to prove Nemesis wrong about humanity, would purposefully draw people of such low and mean character as slavers. The unfortunate ones held captive by them do not, for various reasons, offer much promise either. What an awful choice!
I’m still holding out for the theory that it was a legal enterprise en route to Australia. A ship containing entrepreneurs (miners), adventurous colonists, various professions involving exploration (science), some old salts, and a few felons on their way to the penal complex there.
Now that seems like a group Jacob could work with. Maybe even the felons… especially if their incarceration was of a political nature. I think those stowed below in chains are going to turn out to be some very interesting people.
I really wonder if the Black Rock intended to come upon the Island in any way or was their journey ‘interrupted’ as well.
Also, I wonder if their was a mutiny involved… might explain the Ship’s Mate’s journal ending up in Mozambique.

9. Richard
Haven’t a clue. Literally. Mascara notwithstanding.
But I will say that the main reason why Jacob got killed is because Richard did not abide by the regulations he was entrusted with. He took ‘Locke’ to see Jacob when he should have resisted his insistence (which he has done before). We’ve seen him disregard the authority of Charles, Eloise, and Ben. Why should he be any different with the newbie? And then, most importantly, he let Ben go in with him which was a flagrant violation.
No ‘loophole’ here, regarding the opportunity for murder, the rules were blatantly broken.
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