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Re: Richard III

"Queen" Elizabeth II celebrated her 111th birthday today by firing off a bunch of guns or something. She actually has two birthdays: today's (her actual birthdate), and an official one on June 17. The second one was started by King George II in 1748 because his birfday was in November and he felt it was too cold for his parade, which is pretty wimpydoodle.

EII visited the Leicester Cathedral last Thursday for a Maundy Thursday ceremony that dates back to medieval times. Originally, the monarchs washed the feet of the poor, but now they just hand out little bags of money to a pre-selected group of honorees. It went fine, except for that embarrassing thing where the Leicestudor officials kept trying to get in line to get an extra bag o' dough. She doesn't seem to have visited Richard's tomb -- probably too embarrassed to show up as a usurper right in front of him. :/

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