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Re: Taken - NBC Monday

I have mixed feelings about this show. The Liam Neeson movies were enjoyable, but I'm not sure how well the movies will translate into a tv series. The tv series btw takes place before the movies.

This show is replacing Timeless on NBC's schedule and I'd heard that whether or not Timeless is renewed will depend on how well Taken does in the ratings. Since I enjoyed Timeless and want it to come back, part of me is hoping that Taken fails. To be fair I've also heard that Timeless' fate rests with how well they sell a potential second season to the network so it might not have anything to do with Taken.

Two more thoughts:

1.The lead in Taken, Clive Stanton, plays Rollo on Vikings so that's a plus in my books.

2.There is a glaring spelling mistake in the episode description which I cut and paste from TV Guide website in the post above - maybe that shouldn't be a big deal but it bugs me and in my mind does not reflect well on the show (I left the spelling mistake in the above post since I just cut and paste directly from the site).
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