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Re: The Walking Dead S08E08 - "How It's Gotta Be"

My only guess is that Negan doesn't want to burn any more resources than he has to. Resources are what he seems to be all about and he's already lost a ton. That's my only rationale.

War brings to the front other sides to people. Things unknown. We all know this. These characters though, the Ricksters, have changed too much. They're not themselves anymore. The traits they're exhibiting now were never within them and so they shouldn't be manifesting.

Breaking Bad is a good example of how to bring out another side of a character which was always lurking somewhere deep beneath the surface. 'Heisenberg' was oft underlying Walter White and we could sense it right from the get go. The Ricksters, so many of them have changed to such a degree that they're unrecognizable.

The Morgan character has been totally trashed.
Maggie shooting a defenseless man to death just so she can send a message.
Carol the bad ass conniving hardcore battle tested warrior. She's got more savvy than a marine for goodness sakes.
Daryl undertaking hastily thought out strategic battle mission instructions from Carl cuz Carl whined loudly...

Okay, so that last one is just stupid writing and not necessarily a change of character, but you get the point.

So yeah, I do not like who the writers have made these characters become and I no longer care to root for them.

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