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Re: What are your thoughts ? REAL WORLD MIND READING

Just a quick summary of where this is now..

I've learned the nitrogen vacancies used in Memristors are for "switching", between excited states and inhibited states, akin to our neurons and SYNAPSES abilities to generate EPSPs and IPSPs, this is the entire point to Memristors and DARPAs SyNAPSE program, emulating Neurons..

So in the memristor, NVs (which are truly Ancillas),
Return to "resting states", just like Neurons do, hence Inhibitory states versus excited states, when a neuron reaches an action potential and fires..

So the ancillas use prepared/ known states, and are the equivalent of the ancillas ground state, which is equal to a neurons resting potential...

So by weakly measuring certain aspects of living neurons, it is possible to superbroadcast/ teleport the wavefunction non-classically to the memristors vacancies, correlating each memristor with its neuron statistical ensemble counterpart, sharing the quantum state of the resting potential.
the ground state of the ancilla.

Yada yada yoda

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