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Re: Woody's: One anti-inflammatory from blowing up!

Originally Posted by 9mile monster View Post
We are having a paint n pour tonight with a halloween theme picture. One of the girls is pregnant so we won't be pouring anything for her, but I've got beer, Fat Tire - Belgium ale for everyone else.
I downloaded some appropriately festive music, too.

What are you all planning?

Remember how we used to pimp our profiles for the holidays?
My fav was always the Halloween pimping.
Nothing planned here. A quiet night at home.

I do miss the profile fun. I haven't changed my profile (or my av for that matter) in ages.
Originally Posted by brdmom View Post
It started with a nasty headache that sent me back to bed until noon, but by the end of the day I was totally up for take out Thai food and cake and ice cream with my three menfolk, so that's good. Thanks for asking!
I'm glad it at least turned out well in the end. It stinks to feel bad on your b-day.
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