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Re: Valor - CW Monday

About me:
20 years US ARMY
9 years helicopter crewchief
1,000+ flight hours on three continents
2 years total combat time in 3 deployments, one of which was NOT in the middle east
Direct support unit to USASOSOC (US ARMY Special Operation Command) 8+ years

There is one special ops aviation unit in the Army, 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment), Night Stalkers. I assume the fictitious unit in the TV show is modeled after them.

Because of the high concentration of Officers (Pilots) in Aviation units the commanding officer is usually a Major. Captains usually perform rolls as platoon leaders.

There are 5 warrant officer ranks, WO1 (Warrant officer 1), CW2 - CW5 (Chief Warrant Officer 2 - 5). A CW3 (the rank of the female lead in the show) would have around 10 years as a pilot. Quite possibly she was enlisted first, then went to flight school, though high school to fight school is possible. With 10 years experience and being assigned to a SOAR unit there is NO POSSIBLE way she does not have hundreds of hours of NOE flight (NOE = Nap of the Earth, basically flying tree top level). She is also wearing senior pilot wings (wing come in three levels, basic which are just the wings, senior which have a star and master which have a star with a wreath around it). To be a CW3 and have senior wings (which would be typical) she HAS to have a lot of flight time. Commissioned officers (Lieutenant , Captains etc..) track command. They become platoon leaders, and commanders (company battalion etc). Warrant officers at the CW2 level track either Safety, Standards or Maintenance. Maintenance officers would work with the crewchiefs and maintenance personnel to ensure the aircraft are maintained and ready for flight. Safety officers ensure that all flight aspects (including combat) are carried out within accepted safety guide lines. Standards officers are instructors. The show hasn't shown enough of her duties to suggest which track she has taken, though it doesn't seem like she's a maintenance officer.
The fake emergency landing that they performed is called an autorotation and is a ROUTINE training exercise however the engines are NEVER shut off. The training pilot simply rolls the throttle to idle and the trainee pilot performs an autorotate. No big deal; I've done (as a crewchief, not a pilot) hundreds of them (as a maintenance NCO I flew left seat on all test flights, which are required every time an aircraft comes out of maintenance and is certified to be back on flight rotation).
Aircraft are assigned to the CREWCHIEF not the pilot, they just borrow them. An aircraft NEVER flies without the crewchief (except for the little observation aircraft and the gunships). A Blackhawk usually flies with two crewchiefs because it is so big and lands with such a high nose up attitude that the pilots can't see and clear the tail of the aircraft. Specially in close terrain operations.
The Military Intelligence officer (the Lieutenant that the who is the leads boyfriend) is a Second Lieutenant, the first rank in the officer ranks. He's been an officer less than 2 years. Based on the awards on his chest and the fact that he said they had been together at Ft Cambell, I would surmise that he is prior enlisted and either went green-to-gold (took a break from active service and went to college and ROTC), OR he had a college degree already ( a lot of enlisted get degree's on-line or night school) and then went to OCS. Also, as an intelligence officer he would more then likely be assigned to a battalion staff, not to a company level position.
The platoon doing PT would never have stopped to give her a salute (and to be completely correct she should have gone behind the formation). The awards ceremony was so completely incorrect I can't even begin...everything was wrong, simply everything. They did stop and salute the flag as it was being lowered, that was nice to see. Specially with todays environment where NFL punks think it's OK to disrespect it.

I could go on and on. Bottom line, cool show but please get a US Army aviation consultant and make the flight stuff more realistic. Get someone who know basic Army stuff and let them fix the errors.

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