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Lightbulb + Oscillating Time Theory

Here's my revised version of my oscillating time theory.

perception of time or even time itself on the island is different compared to the rest of the world, which we already know.

my theory is that once on the island, the time oscillates between the future and the past. an example of this is that the payload Daniel Faraday orders over the walkie talkie to the Freighter arrives much later than is expected, and i think this is because the island at that moment is in the past. and when 'the doctor' is washed up ashore, and the losties communicate with the Freighter to realize the doctor is still alive, and is only in a later scene killed, i think at that point the island is experiences the future.

so what i basically purpose is that time shifts gradually from the past and into the future and then back to the past and then to the future again, and this keeps occurring over and over again.

the losties don't experience the shifts in time is because, like Daniel Faraday mentions to Desmond in The Constant, it's only the consciousness that experiences the future and the past, and in relation to the losties, i think they don't experience it because it's an unconscious shift, and so they don't consciously experience these oscillations of time on the island.

because time isn't linear on the island, unlike the rest of the world, and time is oscillating between the future and the past and so time isn't actually moving forward, i think that the only circumstance one can leave the island is when the oscillation of time is in the present, and so this may explain why you hear Ben and other people say 'the island isn't ready to let you leave'.

as for the visions experienced by certain Losties, most notably Locke, i think this is because as the mind is perpetually transported into the future and the past unconsciously, this often breaks into the consciousness and so visions are experienced of other characters, because all the Losties experience this shift in time from the future to the past and then back to the future, it maybe the reason why a vision of any character is seen.

this brings me onto tp the 'special' people, like Locke. we hear Locke say 'it's not suppose to happen this way' or 'you're not suppose to leave'. i think he says this because i think when Locke's mind experiences the future, he's able realize it, almost like an instinct, and so he can tell when things aren't going right.

Note, that most, if not all visions of the future experienced by the Losties occur when they're sleeping, and then the wake up, in other words, they are unconscious........just like Faraday's rat. as for visions of dead people like Libby and Walt and Christian, they are experienced when the Losties are conscious and i assume those are of the past.

my theory also explains dead people on the island and how they appear to various people on the island. because by dying on the island, the mind can still be shifted with the oscillations to the past, and so 'dead' turns into a relative term, and so the dead people are able to appear to other Losties when the island's time is oscillating in the past.

as for Desmond's future prediction and being transported into the past, i think this is primarily due to when he hatch imploded. by being exposed to large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, it is well known that such exposure can hinder our ability to suppress higher sensory function aka the unconscious. and if this is so, this gives Desmond the ability to experience the future and also the past as the mind oscillated between the future and the past.

the oscillation theory also explains the islands healing properties, because if you have some sort of a wound or disease, and the island is experiencing the future oscillation, then your body naturally produces more antibodies or platelets for clotting because it takes time for this to happen anyway , and seen as though healing is an unconscious process anyway, your mind is able to respond to the fact that it's experiencing the future (because to the mind, it's just as if time has passed normally).

the women dying in the second trimester of pregnancy is explained by the fact that the brain develops rapidly in the second trimester, now if it starts experiencing the future, then the baby in theory has it's own antibodies and so on, and is therefore unrecognized by whomever's pregnant and so the woman's body rejects and attacks the fetus as a foreign invader and annihilates the mothers immune system in the process leading to death?

i think that the island itself is a large electromagnet, or various large electromagnets are placed on the island and so this produces with some kind of a magnet or something, distortions in space and time.
it may also explain why bearings of 305/325 is the only way out, because electromagnets have magnetic fields, and a ship is largely metal, then the ship can't escape the island because it's naturally attracted to it. but if you go look at a diagram of a magnetic field, there are points where if a straight line were to be drawn, it wouldn't interfere with the magnetic field and so a ship or a boat or whatever on a bearing of 305/325 won't be affected by the magnetic field produced by the island.
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