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Re: Net Neutrality, and access

Ars Technica has a pretty good piece up right now about how Ajit Pai is seeking to de-legitimize the massive public backlash against the proposed rules change:

And Ars pushed up one comment on the story in particular, too, by member ShelbyStripes...

This should make for a nice lawsuit. You can't enact (or repeal) a rule without a genuine public comment period. If they keep being this shockingly dismissive of public comments in general, including an utter lack of attempt to distinguish real and fraudulent comments, they could see this rulemaking overturned.

The irony is that the GOP just spent the past decade using courts to aggressively thwart rulemaking. Time to use those precedents against them. This is more blatantly egregious abuse of process than any rulemaking under the Obama administration that was struck down.
I sure hope that that person is correct.
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