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Re: Best Theory Advanced so Far, hands down!

Sleestack - I'm going to answer questions about this concept like I think the writers would, so here goes.

1) About the green hue, I'm thinking that was a by-product of the first experiment and the power source that they used, which was the best available at the time. After working the kinks out in later experiments, and thanks to the added power provided by the nuclear reactor, the field that's generated is perfect, completely invisible.

2) Nothing, no radio signals or electromagnetic interference, is escaping the spherical shaped field. The field itself is slightly out of phase, and is stationary. Things can theoretically come into the field and then leave, if they still have power to do so. If the power system for the plane or boat dies due to the EMP interference in the bubble , it's rendered inoperable. That's not to say you can't have power on the island, but transistors and other electronics probably are effected by the field just like other electronics are rendered useless in the wake of a nuclear explosion.

There, see how easy that will be for the writers?
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