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Re: Best Theory Advanced so Far, hands down!

It's about freakin time, Pinnerman. I waited all morning and finally had to get dressed and go to the grocery store.

Yes, I think it's a definite possibility and I love all the work. (And, for all you girls out there, the Philadelphia Experiment is worth watching just to see Michael Pare - he's a doll). The experiment certainly explains the technical aspects of everything that's been happening - the radar, the radio, the airplane crash, etc. and I honestly think you're right about one thing. There's a big chance this is what the French might have been trying to do (and probably others before them). But when I answered Max earlier this morning in his "one really bizarre theory" thread, I've been hoping this is not the case. I truly want a more naturally occuring problem here - not that I ever get what I want.

This will open a great debate. I'm very eager to see what kinds of things people come up with. But as I said before I'm hoping one theory is not going to explain all this. I'd like to see them delve into every science fiction/real science/outlandish theory ever devised and merge them into one single unified mythology. And just because I'm stubborn and skipped science classes alot, although I'm accepting that the Philadelphia Experiment probably came into play here, I'm thinking everything went horribly wrong and totally beyond anyone's control. Therefore: I'm going to stick with my they're not in Kansas any more theory. I just don't think they're on planet Earth.

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